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Conclusion Analysis of Cyber Stalking Book Rev Ambler

Conclusion Analysis of Cyber Stalking Book Rev Ambler
Conclusion Analysis of Cyber Stalking Book Rev Ambler
Report #: 14602 - 3 Comments
Date Reported: Tuesday, October 17, 2023
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Other
Specific Location: Santa Barbara Vicinity
City/Local Area: Santa Barbara
State/Territory: California
Region: United States

PART (02): Professor Ada Hoffsletter:

Analysis of Book Publication/ Summary & Comparisons:

Re: Cyber Bullying/ Harassment/ Darren Ambler:


(Direct quote/paragraph-taken from book): Chapter 3:

Darren Ambler continued his harassment and spying of (PR's) Facebook activity. Within 3 weeks, the attorney was secured, Subpoenas were issued to Facebook in order to obtain required information which would prove that Darren Ambler did in fact Cyber Stalk- Harass and Invade the Privacy of his former friend. Darren Ambler was slowly digging a hole for himself and he had no idea his every move on the Internet was being monitored on a daily basis.) (End quote/ Chapter 03--paragraph 04):


Once the documentation was received back from Facebook the attorney worked closely with his forensic team. The evidence proved that Darren Ambler was in fact an Internet Abuser. In addition, Darren Ambler was suffering a very severe Sexual Addiction and that he was possibly doing Drugs again. Darren Ambler according to this book was supposed to be a recovering Drug Addict. It is doubtful now weather Mr. Ambler ever really stopped taking drugs. (Direct from book/ paragraphs/quotes Chapter's 3- 4):

Meanwhile, as the stalking investigation progressed it appears that Mr. Ambler's former bitter Lovers Prostitutes & One Night stands began posting comments on a number of cheating web sites about Darren Ambler's sexual conduct and his sexual compulsions. Once the attorney for the victim discovered these Internet posts about Mr. Ambler he felt it only strengthened their already powerful case against Darren Ambler. In addition to proving Darren Ambler was a Cyber Bully, a Judge isn't going to look very kindly on someone who hops from bed to bed with any hooker that is willing to have him. In addition, the drug issue would have been a factor also. Keep in mind Darren Ambler has children also. What kind of example does Darren Ambler's Immoral, Selfish and Outrageous behavior set for his young children. Most would agree Mr. Ambler is a terrible parental role model.

Evidence Summary: Once the Court Orders were executed/ served and the information was received back to the attorney, the case could now be constructed efficiently.

Attorney for victim commented: Attorney stated Chapter's 4-7-9: that he was amazed at the abundance of indisputable "EVIDENCE" that was obtained from Facebook. It was more than enough to prove Mr. Ambler was in fact the CYBER STALKER:

Also Discovered: The Attorney also made it known to the victim (Pat) that in addition to a Criminal act on Mr. Amblers part, that they could also SUE Darren Ambler in Civil Court. The Facebook Messenger messages that were Subpoenaed were extremely "DEFAMATORY"- "DELIBERATE MADE UP LIES" and "HARASSING". A direct attempt by Darren Ambler to destroy, hurt & intimidate his former friend for VENGEFUL reasons.












FEE PAID: YES: 07/11/16:

Summary: The above information is very strong to say the least. Practically indisputable. Meaning that anyone accused and faced with evidence such as this has virtually no DEFENSE.

Cyber Stalking is a FELONY COMPUTER CRIME:

Statutes explained in Chapter 3:


Mr. Ambler should be extremely grateful the victim and his attorney elected to drop the case. Without a doubt Mr. Ambler would have faced some harsh punishment. Also, Mr. Ambler may also have had a Civil matter to deal with. Slander & Defamation are Civil Court matters usually resolved on a monetary basis: .

PROFESSOR HOFFSLETTER FINAL SUMMARY/ ANALYSIS: I must point out in everything I read and studied about this incident, it seems that Mr. Darren Ambler "NEVER" once denied Cyber Stalking the named victim in this case. That tells me a great deal. It tells me that Mr. Ambler knows very well what he did. However, he probably feels like the victim deserved it and that Mr. Ambler has no regret or remorse for the un-necessary pain he caused this person. Believe me when I say that any one who is a victim of a Cyber Stalker can suffer a great deal. It can leave a long lasting impact on the victim for many years to come. It appears that Mr. Ambler has problems in many areas of his life. He is not only a Cyber Bully. From what I read about this person he is obviously emotionally "UNBALANCED". It seems Mr. Ambler has personality disorders, Obsessive disorders as well as addictive traits such as Drug addiction and a Sexual addiction. Overall this man is very Mentally Unhealthy. I feel for his children mainly. What can Darren Ambler possibly teach his children that would be beneficial? How can a man so "unstable" serve as a role model for young children. Lastly, how can Mr. Ambler provide "Stability"- "Moral Teaching"- "Ethical boundaries"- "Discipline" and proper "Manners" when he does not possess these important traits himself? It is virtually impossible. We can only hope Mr. Amblers Ex wife (the biological mother of his children) has some stability and moral fiber in which she can pass on to the children. However, the fact that this women married Darren Ambler in the first place, you must ask yourself the question?? How stable can she be?

I have a hard time believing that Mr. Ambler was ever any different than he is right now. He may have suppressed some of his "OUTRAGEOUS" behaviors when he was married but you can only suppress negative behavior for so long. Maybe that is why they got divorced? How much can a women take from an "Emotionally Unstable husband? Mr. Ambler more than likely through his "Unpredictable" behaviors burned his wife out and mentally drained her. That is what happens many times. It seems Darren Ambler is one of those persons that would "NEVER" seek help on his own. In his disturbed mind there is nothing wrong with him.

It was discovered through various on-line articles and comments that Darren Ambler's behavior was even worse than originally thought. Darren Ambler apparently recklessly fathered at least 3 or more illegitimate children during his sexual liaisons with a variety of Prostitutes, Paid Dome's and anyone else who is desperate enough to share his bed. Talk about reckless, stupid behavior. If your going to live the life of a male hooker than at least use birth control or get yourself FIXED. This guy is in another world. Possibly the drugs he took over the years could have damaged critical parts of his brain resulting in reckless and unpredictable behavior. Darren Ambler is his own worst enemy. I can not imagine living your life and paying women for sexual fulfillment. AGAIN, in Darren Ambler's mind this is normal behavior. Obviously, Mr. Ambler doesn't think about "DISEASE" & "ILLEGITIMATE PREGNANCIES". I feel Darren Ambler has proven he is extremely mentally unstable and he does not act with a great deal of common sense. It was pointed out throughout this book publication- Darren Ambler "NEVER" considers the consequences of his reckless and inappropriate actions. Mr. Ambler acts quite IMPULSIVELY and NEVER considers the aftermath of his poor decisions.

This concludes my analysis of the first part of the book publication. In the coming weeks we will continue to skim the remaining chapters and apply the information to what the class is learning in the regular course curriculum.

Professor Ada

10/18/2023 -

I am in one of Professor Hoffsletter Friday classes. Yes, this book serves as an excellent reference guide with what we are working on now.

10/18/2023 -

I used to serve subpoena's for a private practice attorney. Court Order's are something that can never be ignored. Most organizations comply within 48 hours of being served. It is the one sure fire way of getting confidential information about a person or corporation.

10/23/2023 -

Hurray!!! I am glad someone had sense enough to publish a book and expose Darren the moron! Darren is so psychotic, the fact that a book was written about his on line harassment he would probably still deny he did anything. That is how sick and demented he is. The time Darren wastes on line trying to defend his sex acts- he should use the energy writing out his support checks for the children he fathered that he claims don't exist! Maybe in his psycho world the children don't exist but in reality they very much exist.

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