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Cyber-Conference FebruaryTranscriptDarren Ambler-Part two

Cyber-Conference FebruaryTranscriptDarren Ambler-Part two
Cyber-Conference FebruaryTranscriptDarren Ambler-Part two
Report #: 14588 - 1 Comment
Date Reported: Wednesday, February 15, 2023
Status: Past Incident
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Investigative Services
Specific Location: Heightstown
City/Local Area: Central NJ
State/Territory: New Jersey
Region: United States

{Part 02}: Cont'


February 09, 2023

Location of Event: Heightstown NJ:

Minutes/ Posted by: Carole Sanger

Speaker #02- Jon W/ Good evening, I am new at this so please bear with me. I must thank Pat for helping me prepare for this evening. Yes-I am a bit nervous. However, you seem like a fine group and that puts me at ease.

My Cyber-Bullying ordeal was somewhat similar to Pat's. One difference is that my Cyber Bully was not a former friend. Which I am sure the fact that Pat's stalker was a friend of his that he once trusted and cared about, made it harder for him. I am sure at least when Pat's ordeal first happened that he felt betrayed and hurt by this screwball-tyrant Mr. Darren Ambler. He was obviously never a 'True Friend".

My Stalker was a former co-worker of mine. I worked with this guy every day. I was eventually promoted and became his "Direct Report Supervisor" for a merchandising organization. My stalker {Paul} was jealous of my promotion and career success. When I became his Supervisor, Paul became jealous, resentful and defiant.

Paul was doing things deliberately to sabotage company operations. In addition, he attempted to throw my department into chaos just to hurt me. Paul did cause some damage to my department. However, his actions were noticed by co-workers and reported to proper authorities within the company.

Eventually Paul was terminated for a host of company violations and a bad attitude. Within about a month following Paul's dismissal, odd things became happening to me. I noticed a rear flat tire on my new Ranger one morning. A brand new 'steel mesh' tire ripped to shreds made me very suspicious. Township Police agreed that the tire incident was a deliberate and calculated act.

My wife Jenny felt that an angry ex-employee that I terminated was probably responsible. But you must have "Proof" that a certain party carried out the act. Early on I had no proof only suspicions. Police did try to help by assigning shift officers to drive by my house periodically.

Soon after this incident the Internet Stalking began. I was harassed with random emails and posts to my Facebook. Paul did discreetly contact other employees still working at my company in attempt to hurt my reputation and cast doubt on my competency as a manager.

Aside from Paul's Cyber Bullying (which lasted roughly five months)-he did other things that were upsetting to my family and I. He tracked me down to the gym in which I belonged to at the time. One evening after work I met a buddy at the gym for a work-out and quick racket ball game. Once we finished racket ball, my buddy left for home and I retired to the locker room for a shower and change of clothes. My wife was keeping my dinner warm on this particular night.

My stalker somehow got into the gym unnoticed. It was after 8 pm and only a few guys were at the gym getting ready to leave. Paul knew I was showering. He went into my locker and took my clean change of clothes, even my socks and underwear. At first, I guess I thought someone robbed my locker. I was absolutely vulnerable and helpless standing there dripping wet with my Birthday suit on.

Police were called. It was embarrassing for me, which was Paul's intention. It's one thing being in a locker room naked after a shower but it was humiliating standing in front of a cop filing a theft report with your private business exposed. If you want to embarrass someone and keep them stranded for a while taking every stitch of their clothing will do the trick. They did get me a towel. However, I couldn't leave the gym without clothing. It was February and freezing cold outside.

I knew now that Paul was responsible and that he had bad intentions. I first contacted my County Prosecutor. They explained that could have helped me file and prove my case in court. However, my case was complex and at that time they did not have the man-power to handle my case. I ended up hiring a 'top notch' attorney from Tinton Falls NJ.

I can supply the attorney's name to anyone in need of legal representation after tonight's meeting ends at 10 pm. I can't say his name out loud in front of a crowd because it would be considered advertising and attempting to promote my former attorney and his services. There could be legalities. However, I am permitted to give the information outside of an open forum like we have here tonight.

The evidence was obtained by the attorney and his crew by Subpoena. We did have an issue with one out of state email carrier about violating the privacy rights of my stalker. My attorney followed proper legal channels and the organization did comply.

I am not an attorney but I was surprised to learn that if a company weather it be an Internet forum, Email provider or any public forum is located 'out of state' that they don't have to honor a court order from a different state. Which sucks because it could delay a winnable case. However, after some legal compromise they usually comply especially when a felony has been committed. My attorney eventually obtained the necessary information.

Paul hired an experienced attorney that delayed the court proceedings as long as legally possible. This was in effort to wear my attorney and myself down so that we eventually drop my case.

We did not drop the case. We sat through a preliminary hearing and an evidence hearing which took 4 months. My attorney was aggressive and wanted an 'TRIAL BY JURY'. The trial was granted. However 3 weeks before the trial began, Paul's attorney contacted my legal team.

Paul wanted to plead guilty to 'Criminal & Intentional' Stalking on line. This included Intentional and Repeated Harassment with intent to cause harm.

My attorney and I discussed the issue. To avoid a lengthy and stressful trial we agreed to accept the plea and settle outside the jurisdiction of an Jury. The Judge still heard the case and accepted the Plea. This way the Jury doesn't decide Paul's fate the Judge does. This is much less expensive as opposed to a Jury Trial.

Paul pleaded guilty to Title 11, Chap. 5 1312-Stalking/Harassment: this was within the state of Delaware because at the time the stalking occurred I lived and worked in Christiana Delaware. Delaware uses a different coding system for felony stalking (Title & Chapter as listed above).

I had my day in court. I think I was so angry and disgusted about this incident I couldn't look at Paul in the face as he stood in front of the Judge admitting guilt. The Judge sentenced Paul to ninety (90) days in the County Jail. He was also fined $12K.

I am a reasonable and forgiving guy. But I must tell every one out there 'NEVER' take Cyber-Stalking lightly. Never tolerate it or ignore it. Stalkers can turn out to be dangerous. If you back down your giving your Stalker the control he craves. Lets face it, Cyber Bullies are mentally disturbed scum bags equal to 'street garbage'.

My stalker was similar to Pat's in the sense that he too had diminished reasoning capabilities and exceptionally low moral standards and values. Paul was possibly more selfish than most. His family learned about his stalking and jail sentence. It made his poor mother ill to a point that she was hospitalized with ulcers, high blood pressure and extreme mental/emotional strain.

It was rumored that due to Paul's stalking and jail sentence that his wife at the time attempted suicide. I heard he is now Divorced and his ex moved out of state.

Cyber Bullies are sick people and they are criminals. If you commit a criminal act then plain and simple your a Criminal.

Thank you all for allowing me to speak at this conference. I want to say to my wife Lisa who is here in the first row- Hun I love you-thank you for your love and support. Couldn't have made it without you! We have others that will speak briefly followed by the Q &A segment.

End of minutes/transcript/Cyber-conf

Feb 2023.../Jon (Jonathan)-Speaker #02:

2/15/2023 -

Hi. I missed the February cyber conference. I will surely be attending the March conference. I read the transcript of the meeting here. Interesting story. It does seem all Cyber stalkers are Cyber psychos too! They are all abnormal and they use the Internet to spy and vent anger & frustration. I am a second year law student at Loyola. We are studying Internet law and computer crime. Hopefully, strict laws will deter these psychos.


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