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Cyber-Conference March-Darren Ambler TranscriptMinutes

Cyber-Conference March-Darren Ambler TranscriptMinutes
Cyber-Conference March-Darren Ambler TranscriptMinutes
Report #: 14546 - 2 Comments
Date Reported: Saturday, April 2, 2022
Status: Past Incident
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Investigative Services
Specific Location: Mt. Laurel NJ
City/Local Area: South Jersey
State/Territory: New Jersey
Region: United States

Posted 4/1/22

Re: March 22. Cyberstalking Conference:

Transcript/ Minutes:

Place: Clarion Hotel

Location: Mt. Laurel-NJ



Eileen Stagyreck from Ross-Keppler & Assos. March 22, Cyber-conference was another great success. Richard G. and Mike L. were the main speakers. Pat R. is one of the usual permanent speakers. However, due to other engagements, he could not attend the March 22 Conference. Pat R. has a book just released concerning-"On-Line Stalking & Protecting yourself on-line". He had two Manhattan engagements that pertained to promoting the book. He did appear on two-morning programs within the month of March. We wish Pat much luck and he will return for the April Cyber-conference.

March 22/ Transcript

Speakers- Richard G/Mike L./

Time:07:00-PM- 10:00-PM:

Opening Summary/ topics covered:

Richard G. discusses using caution at all times while on the Internet. Shared his Cyberstalking experience with those in attendance. His Cyberstalker was convicted. Served 6 months and an $8,000 Fine.

Mike L. shared the floor. Shared his unfortunate Cyberbullying experience with the audience. His stalker was arrogant- a real mental case. Served 18 months and received an $20,000 fine. This former co-worker is considered highly dysfunctional and anti-social. Possible comparisons could be referenced to Pat R. stalker Mr. Darren Ambler.

Speakers discussed in depth the stalker's drive to intimidate them and frighten them from behind a computer screen. The very personal nature of their stalking experiences. How the evidence was collected and the role their attorneys played in proving the cases. Also discussed -how being Cyberstalked places great stress on one's daily life. The whole concept of a sick Cyberbully attempting to control their victim by disrupting the victim's daily lives.

Mike placed emphasis on how mentally ill a Cyberbully really is. That most stalkers think they are normal and will not voluntarily seek help. Most stalkers are arrogant and appear to have no conscience. Cyberbullies treat their targeted victim as if they deserved the harassment and abuse.

Obsessive disorders are common with Cyberbullies. Most have anti-social personalities and may have suffered some type of abuse in their youth. Most Cyberbullies are looked down upon by society. They are "Misfits". They don't blend well with others. The majority of people avoid those with anti-social personalities.

Conclusion: Aftermath of their Cyberstalking incident. How it impacted their lives and their families' lives. New legistlation discussion. Hearings are underway that would make laws even tougher for those 'Guilty' of Cyberstalking.

Ques & Answers will be posted separately.


4/16/2022 -

5/7/2022 -

Great conference! You could hear a pin drop while the speakers are addressing the audience. This shows that audience members are serious about the issue and they are taking in every word from each speaker. Rich & Mike good job. Wish Mr. Pat luck with his book. Looking forward to his return in April.

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