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Cyber-Conference Minutes- February -Darren Ambler- Part One

Cyber-Conference Minutes- February -Darren Ambler- Part One
Cyber-Conference Minutes- February -Darren Ambler- Part One
Report #: 14587 - 2 Comments
Date Reported: Tuesday, February 14, 2023
Status: Past Incident
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Investigative Services
Specific Location: Heightstown
City/Local Area: Central NJ
State/Territory: New Jersey
Region: United States

Cyber-Conference February 9, 2023 { Part One }:

Info posted by: Carole Sanger {Marsh & Associates}:

Re: Summary of Minutes from conference:

Re: Questions & Answer segment:

Location: Chase Conference Center- Hightstown, NJ:

Time: 07:30-PM- 10:00-PM:

Covid Precautions: Masks optional:

Pre-constructed seating arrangement.

Speakers: Mark T--Pat R--Jon W:

Former Morris County Prosecutor: Evelyn Colbe:

Opening Summary: {Pat R}- Good evening and welcome. This is our first conference for the New Year. Thank you all for being here. Tonight in addition to myself we have two other speakers Mark T and Jon W. In addition, a very special guest who is a former employee of the Morris County NJ Prosecutor Office- Ms. Evelyn Colbe.

Ms. Colbe successfully prosecuted 5 Cyber Stalking cases starting in 2012 through 2017. She is now in private practice in the Short Hills NJ area.

On a positive note-Cyber Stalking is a FELONY Crime that carries jail time and fines up to $25,000. I have told my story many times. I published a book about my Cyber bullying experience, the laws pertaining to computer crime and similar traits all Cyber-Bullies seem to all have in common.

I appeared on the morning show last May to discuss my book. In addition, I appeared on the Fox Network in which I answered questions from those who read my book and had similar stalking experiences to share.

I've always stressed that Cyber-Stalking is carried out by an emotionally unbalanced individual that is normally anti-social, insecure, lonely, obsessive and hell bent on Revenge and Control. They live in their own abnormal world. A world that has no rules, boundaries or consequences.

The Stalker justifies their actions by convincing themselves that the victim deserved to be harassed and bullied on-line. The Stalker doesn't realize how wrong and abnormal their actions are. In addition, the Cyber Bully has poor social skills and live a secret and double life. They have few friends because they fear being exposed. They have extreme difficulty with intimate relationships.

My beautiful wife Karen told me for months to end my 'so called 'friendship with my former friend Darren Ambler who also turned out to be my Stalker. My wife sensed Mr. Ambler was trouble from day one. Different things I would tell her about Mr. Ambler during our friendship made her uneasy and suspicious. Karen was 100% correct about Darren Ambler in the end.

Aside of his evident Psychological problems, Darren Ambler was self-centered, reclusive, obsessive and just plain odd. He and I were nothing alike-thank God. We certainly were on different wavelengths as far as Moral values, Truth, Honesty and the importance of family and friends. Darren was cold and unfriendly. He was clueless about life. He had no shame, no boundaries, and he would back-stab just about anyone if it was to his benefit.

His lack of Conscience and the fact that he never apologized for anything bothered me for a long time. However, now I look back and I have to consider the source. Darren Ambler was so beneath me and this was apparent to me early in our friendship. His lack of Class, Social grace, Manners, Morality and his Sexual obsessions painted an disturbing picture of what kind of person he really was. It just took me a while to realize it. Darren Ambler from what I observed is not liked by too many people and people that meet him for the first time did not care for him very much. His anti social- self centered manner turned most people off immediately.

Being that said, I guess I should not have been shocked that he ended up Cyber-Stalking and Harassing me on-line. He did this in attempt to scare me, intimidate me and control me. Ambler thought he could control whom I communicated with on Facebook. In the end, his efforts failed miserably. Any plan Darren Ambler had to intimate me and limit my Facebook activity backfired big time.

Darren Ambler had no idea that I hired a skilled attorney that monitored his Facebook activity and ended up by Court Order obtaining his Facebook logs and confidential information. The evidence was an Gold mine that could have put him in jail. Mr. Ambler had no way to explain away the evidence. I chose to drop and settle the case. I wanted that Poisonous, Immoral creep out of my life and my family's lives. I did not want a five month trial and the additional expense. Darren Ambler is a big zero and he isn't worth the time or aggravation. I have a great wife, kids and wonderful friends. I love my career. I have no place for Toxins (Darren Ambler) in my life. He is a waste who is going no where but down in life. Which is a choice he made himself.

I feel Mr. Ambler is so feeble minded and screwed up that he doesn't know any better. I've heard so many other derogatory things about him just over the past few years. At times i am ashamed to admit I ever knew him. I have more class and personality in my little finger than Mr. Ambler could ever have in his entire body. Poor judgment on my part for ever befriending a mixed up person like him. I guess the first time I met him I felt sorry for him. Darren Ambler seemed like poor unhappy soul. He was newly separated, living with his Mother.

When Darren first moved in with his Mother he was not paying her a cent. He made good money and worked over-time. The fact that he wasn't paying his Mother a cent convinced me how SELFISH he really was. My opinion of him changed a bit. I had to intervene after speaking with his mother to suggest to Darren that he should be paying his Mother money. His Mother allowed him to move in, she fed him, minded his kids, did laundry etc. Darren was giving her no money. It just plain selfish, low down and being a cheap-skate. It says a lot about Mr. Ambler's character.

I soon learned over the months he was a self-centered con-man with an AGENDA. Darren was dishonest and used people if he felt it was beneficial to him in the long run.. He was cold, unfriendly and calculating person. Not my type of person at all. However, I put up with his behavior and oddities for the sake of what I thought was a friendship. I tried to make him change his ways for the better but it was HOPELESS.

His Convoluted way of thinking and his one track mind aggravated me and caused me to distance myself from him. I was a bit shocked at his total lack of moral judgment and disrespect for others. However, I realized that is what he is and he will never change.

Frankly-I don't know how anyone male or female could stand Mr. Ambler. It makes perfect sense as to why he pursued dirt bag women for sex. What decent girl would have any interest in Cyber bully Darren Ambler. Any one that would date an insecure cyber bully has to be as crazy as him. Cyber-Stalkers always have known history of bad behaviors and they live recklessly. Can't make rational decisions.

I had nothing in common with my stalker (Darren Ambler) from day one. I am happily married with a family. I have no respect for hookers. hookers with no values are Darren's type. That's the company he enjoys.

Mr. Ambler is so out of touch with reality. He really believes that he is right all of the time and anything that he does no matter how bad it may be Darren thinks his behavior is acceptable. In his diseased mind, Darren is never at fault and doesn't want to hear otherwise. His family must be so upset and disappointed on how he turned out.

I can't imagine what runs through a diseased mind like Mr. Amblers mind.

Regardless, he committed a felony crime. The evidence was overwhelming and could never be challenged. If Mr. Ambler ever engages in stalking again, a good chance he could end up in JAIL.

I am going to let Jon speak now. We have a Q & A segment later on. Thank you all for coming tonight.

Jon W. speaks. next. Shares his Cyber-Stalking story. {Transcript posted marked as Part 02}:

Part two {02} posted separately this forum:

2/15/2023 -

I did read this speakers book. Very well done. Hope this Internet junkie Darren Ambler gets what he deserves. After reading your book, I think the only mistake you and your lawyer made was that you should have had your court case and prosecuted this law breaker. The evidence presented in the book was like hitting the lottery. Very concise, accurate and could not be argued. Did your stalker ever take responsibility for his actions? Probably not. Psychopaths never admit anything. He will get what he deserves! No one gets away with bad behavior forever. He broke the law also.


2/15/2023 -

BRAVO!!! YEP the Darren Ambler's out there are unstable internet abusers who break laws, harass others. They are obsessed with the Internet. The World wide web is a stalkers best friend. People like this are usually into sick, vulgar freaky stuff. Many internet abusers are into to buying sex online. They also have illegitimate kids that they ignore. These sexual beasts usually refuse to support their illegitimate children financially. They spend thousands for sex- companionship and illicit drugs. Their life revolves around themselves. Put all cyber bully's in jail and throw away the key.

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