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Cyber-Conference/ Minutes Part (three)-February (D. Ambler).

Cyber-Conference/ Minutes Part (three)-February (D. Ambler).
Cyber-Conference/ Minutes Part (three)-February (D. Ambler).
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Date Reported: Thursday, February 16, 2023
Status: Past Incident
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Investigative Services
Specific Location: Heightstown NJ
City/Local Area: Central NJ
State/Territory: New Jersey
Region: United States

Part {03}-- Cont'

Cyber- Conference Minutes:

February 2023

Posted by: Carole Sanger {Marsh & Associates}:

Special Guest Speaker: Ms. Evelyn Colbe:

{Evelyn Colbe/ Special Speaker}--Good Evening, it is pleasure being here this evening. My name is Evelyn Colbe. I had a lengthy career in the Prosecutors Office in Northern NJ. My final years at the DA's Office I worked closely with Computer Forensic Specialists which assisted me in successful prosecution of Cyber Stalking cases. I was amazed when I realized how serious and widespread Cyber crime has become.

I absolutely agree that Cyber Bullies are out of touch with reality and they are certainly abnormal. Most Cyber Bullies are intraverted and they possess poor social and communication skills. This is why they feel at ease sitting at a computer screen carrying out their stalking and harassment. Just like drugs and alcohol are addictive, the Internet is an addictive vice for the Cyber Bully. A computer and the Internet are a drug that gives the Cyber Bully their high.

It's true that Cyber Bullies never think about consequences. Internet abusers think they will never get caught. Internet stalking is commonly carried out by an ex boyfriend, ex husband, ex wife, former/ex friend, co-worker and sometimes an obsessed admirar turns to stalking.

My bigger concern is that sometimes teens don't realize how serious and even dangerous a Cyber Stalking can be. Sometimes teens are the ones that are hesitant to report stalking behavior to a parent, teacher, or the authorities. It must be reported immediately to the proper authorities.

In extreme cases, sometimes stalkers will threaten harm and they may stalk their victims not only through the Internet but through other means. We must do everything possible to enforce the law and enforce appropriate punishment that will deter the criminal.

I can't discuss cases in which I have been involved. However, believe me when I say that Computer crime is a major worldwide problem.

I heard speaker Pat mention tonight that most people don't realize the negative impact that the victims of a Cyber Stalker can face long after the stalker is tried and convicted. Victims of Cyber Bullies can suffer fear, possible depression and anxiety as a result of being bullied on line. Being Cyber Bullied can cause trauma to the victim.

It's important to recognize if your being Bullied on line. Also, it is important to understand the traits that Cyber Stalkers have in common. Anti-social personality, reclusiveness, anxiety, secretive behaviors, excessive lying, extreme compulsivness, sexual obsession, drug abuse, Pornography are traits and behaviors that nearly all Cyber Stalkers have in common.

I know that Jon had a situation that started as Computer stalking by a former employee. It became more dangerous when his stalker began stalking Jon not only through the Internet but in person also. Hopefully Jon's stalker learned a lesson.

Pat's stalker in my opinion is a very sick and disconnected person. This Mr. Ambler seems to have the morals of a slime and he seems somewhat proud of the fact that he is portrayed as a male hooker, junkie and mental case on several Internet forums. He doesn't even deny the things that have been published about him. As sick as it is, this Mr. Ambler probably enjoys the attention he receives by having his name all over the Internet. Even though everything published about Mr.. Ambler's sex preferences, drug habits, treatment of women and this cyber stalking incident is negative it probably doesn't bother him at all. Which is a true sign of severe mental illness and possibly brain damage/injury.

I will close by encouraging parents to monitor your child's computer activity. The young can easily fall prey to an obsessed cyber bully. Please report stalking activity immediately to local POLICE.

Reporting an incident to Police is the first step. Police will take a report and someone from the Investigation unit will call you to discuss on how to proceed. You will have to eventually hire an attorney especially if you intend to build a case and prosecute.

Computer forensics when done correctly can prove a Cyber Stalking case beyond any doubt.

End- minutes from Feb Conference.

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