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Cyber-Conference Minutes/September (Darren Ambler)

Cyber-Conference Minutes/September (Darren Ambler)
Cyber-Conference Minutes/September (Darren Ambler)
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Date Reported: Tuesday, October 4, 2022
Status: Past Incident
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Investigative Services
Specific Location: Heightstown area
City/Local Area: Central NJ
State/Territory: New Jersey
Region: United States

Cyber-Conference Minutes/ Transcript:

Date held: 09/21/22:

Location: Heightstown NJ

Time: 07:00-Pm/ 10:00-PM:

Information Posted by: Kathy Sphere-Secretary (Marsh & Assoc):


Speakers: Pat R/Mike N.

Guests: Former State Trooper: Todd De Marco:

Mark Rabwin: Attorney at Law:

Opening: (Pat R.)- Good evening! I want to thank everyone in attendence for coming out tonight and supporting our very important cause. Tonight we have two very special guests that will share their experience as well as legal ramifications related to Cyber-Stalking, On-line harassment and other abuses of the Internet.

Mike N. (Secondary speaker)- I too wish to thank everyone here tonight. As well as all of those who have become interested in helping spread our very important message: "Cyber-Stalking & On-line Bullying will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form. Never suffer in silence. The Law has really cracked down on Stalkers and Internet abusers.

Pat R-Thank you Mike. We will start tonight with hearing from Todd Demarco, a retired State Trooper who had an experience with a Cyber-bully four years ago. Just like in my case my stalker was someone I knew and interacted with prior to the Cyber-Stalking incident (Darren Ambler).

Thank you Pat (Todd De Marco). I was a State Trooper for 21 years prior to retiring. I now run my own Private Investigation firm within the Cedar Knoll New Jersey area. My stalking incident occurred four years ago. It began with threatening emails as well as the person monitoring my movements on Facebook and Twitter. I know Pat's former stalker Mr. Darren Ambler also used the Facebook forum to stalk, harass and send messages of a slanderous nature about Pat to others. My stalker did much of the same.

I had an idea who my stalker was. However, I had to go through the legal process in order to prove my case. My on line stalker was someone that I arrested about 18 months before the stalking began. Of course, I had excellent legal representation from start to finish. Actually my attorney is here tonight also. You will be hearing from Mark a little bit later this evening. It seems that Cyber-Stalkers have an abrasiveness about themselves. Almost like the want the victim to know that they are the responsible party.

(cont'd)--I am sure many of you are aware about the computer forensics involved in proving a case like this, so I won't bore you with those details. My case took 7 months before it went to court. In the end my stalker was found "GUILTY". He received a sentence of 18 months as well as an $12,000 fine. I can say I was pleased with the result. I did suffer mental stress as a result of my stalkers actions. Mr. Endicott got what he deserved. I encourage anyone out there who is being harassed online to not be afraid to come forward and take action. Remember Cyber-bullies are mental cases who try to control their intended victim. The Psychological profile for a cyber stalker is as follows: A Loner, Anti-Social personality, tendency toward Sexual perversion, Internal or repressed Anger, Jealousy, Low-Self worth, Anxiety, OCD behaviors. As you can see, Cyber-stalking is a complex illness composed of many disorders. Cyber bullies attempt to control another person from behind a computer and keyboard. We can't let these crumbs get away with this illegal behavior.

I will close by saying--Cyber-Stalking is a FELONY CRIME. The courts show little pity toward the Cyber-Stalker. Even first time offenders tend to receive stiff punishment.

End of Transcript (1)....#0766-3D:


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