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Cyber-Conference-October TranscriptsMinutes Darren Ambler

Cyber-Conference-October TranscriptsMinutes Darren Ambler
Cyber-Conference-October TranscriptsMinutes Darren Ambler
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Date Reported: Tuesday, October 25, 2022
Status: Past Incident
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Investigative Services
Specific Location: Cherry hill- Camden County
City/Local Area: South Jersey
State/Territory: New Jersey
Region: United States

{Part one}: Cyber-Conference/ Transcript-Minutes:

Info posted by: Ginny Saunders {Marsh & Assoc}:

October 19th {Tuesday }:

Time: 07:30-PM- 10:00-PM:

Location: Crown Hotel

Cherry Hill-NJ:

Mask required: Optional

Speakers: Chris W./ Pat R.

Guest Speakers: Former Westchester County NY- D.A.{Scott Reiss}:

Computer Forensic Specialist-Kyle Mancini:

*Complete Transcripts can be obtained through Marsh & Assoc: make sure you reference correct transcript ID numbers listed below:


{TC#174}: Summary: {Meeting Opening}: Chris W opens forum by thanking all those who came out on this chilly night to attend this very important monthly conference. Introduced {by name} tonight's special guest speakers and gave a briefing about their professional background. In addition, Chris gave a brief summary about what attracted tonight's guests to wanting to fight Cyber-bullying and related computer crimes.

{TS#104): Speaker {Pat R.}-takes over: Stressed the importance of coming forward if you are being stalked & harassed on line. In addition, made a plea to all parents to keep their eye on their children while on the Internet. Pat R, stressed that children as well as teens are vulnerable targets for on line predators. Parents need to make their children understand how dangerous the Internet can be at times and that the child must report any potential stalking activity to mom or dad immediately.

Con't: {#104-B}: Pat R: gave a summary of his Cyber-Stalking incident which occurred in 2016. Made reference to his current book which hit book stores April 9, 2022. The book has been a success. It discusses Cyber-Stalking in depth, the kind of person that is more likely to become an on line stalker and a summary of his personal Cyber-Bullying incident by a former friend {Darren Ambler}-that began in April 2016.

In conclusion: The book discusses the aftermath or affect Cyber-Bullying can have on the victim. {the title of the book can not be mentioned publicly due to advertising regulations-However, it is easy to get the information from the Internet or by contacting the Marsh Agency directly}:

Minutes Con't {Transcript# 880-51Ut}: Former DA Scott Reiss speaks about his experience as a DA in New York. Discusses why he is so passionate about making sure Cyber-Bullies receive their just punishment.

{Tz#440/443}: Kyle Mancini speaks about what prompted him to become a Computer Specialist. In addition, Mr. Mancini goes into detail the steps involved in gathering "Full Proof" evidence that will help you win a Cyber-Stalking/ Harassment case. Stresses 'what to do' and 'what not to do' if you are being stalked on line.

{Tr#515}: Pers Detail:

{Tr#518}: Evidence Compilation:

{Tr#602}: Act Accordingly:

*Important points: Cyber-Stalking is a "Felony" crime within the US:

*Most Cyber-Bullies are anti-social, frustrated, angry and vengeful. These bullies attempt to control and frighten their victims.

*Roughly 79.8% of confirmed Cyber-Stalkers have a host of mental disorders.

*On line predators/stalkers have no regret and they have no empathy toward the victim. Stalkers feel they are justified in bullying someone on line.

*Many on line predators have sexual disorders and tend to enjoy pornography and any material that provides sexual stimulation.

*Even convicted stalkers rarely ever admit they regret their actions.

{Question & Answer period occupied last 45 minutes of this conference: they will be posted separately:}.

{Part two/ Q & A will be posted soon}:

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