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Cyber-ConferenceMinutes-Transcript-FebruaryDarren Ambler

Cyber-ConferenceMinutes-Transcript-FebruaryDarren Ambler
Cyber-ConferenceMinutes-Transcript-FebruaryDarren Ambler
Report #: 13554 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Monday, February 21, 2022
Status: Past Incident
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Investigative Services
Specific Location: Mt. Laurel/ Burlington County
City/Local Area: South Jersey
State/Territory: New Jersey
Region: United States

Cyber-Conference/ Part (2) of 2:

Posted By: Carolyn Boufford.

Date Posted: 02/20/21

Re: Minutes/Transcripts from Conference on 02/17/22:

Location: Mt. Laurel, NJ.


Part (2)...

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Mark (speaker #2) Continued:

I had a computer graphics business and this particular employee didn't take direction well. I gave him several chances and I had to terminate him.

The harassing emails continued for over a month. I ignored some emails. I addressed some, which I regret now. I don't know what this guy wanted except like in Pat's case revenge.

Remember, Cyberbullying is about revenge, control, and trying to intimidate the person. I'd say 80% of Cyberbullies have a mental illness. Yes, some are dangerous, some are psychotic. That's why you need to involve with the law immediately.

I have a family and my first thought should have been their safety. I didn't think this guy was a danger at least early on.

I ended up with flat tires, crank calls at home. Finally, I realized I needed Police intervention. My stalking went on for 4 months until i contacted Police. I hired a lawyer. It turned out this guy was so ill mentally that he even admitted stalking me.

I felt sorry for him. We went to court. The judge agreed this guy was 'mentally unfit. The Judge insisted on punishment and mental help. My starker served 4 months in County jail. The court gave him a $5,000 fine and he had to go to mandatory psycho-therapy for 12 months after he was released from jail. About two years after my stalker got out of jail he wrote me a letter which was under the direction of his Psychiatrist. He never apologized. The letter he sent me was to tell me about his progress since his release and therapy.

My case was a bit different than Pat's. His was very direct and personal. I don't think my cyberbully was quite as crazy in comparison to that Darren Ambler.

I will say Judges pull no punches. They really crackdown on these on-line-stalkers. They will hand out jail time even for first-time offenders. My advice, if anyone out there has a tendency to become too comfortable behind a computer screen doesn't take it to the extreme. Online bullying solves nothing and it will get you in a load of trouble.

Always remember- Cyberstalking is an act of Control, Revenge, Jealousy, and Intimidation. Statistics show that 82% of Cyberbullies have Serious Mental Health Issues: About 26% of Cyberbullies are capable of inflicting Bodily Harm. Nearly all Cyberbullies are Anti-Social and can not function well in Social settings.

Fact: Cyberbullies almost never think about the consequences of their actions. They tend to be loners that show little to no affection or compassion toward others. Naturally, Stalkers are Self-Centered and tend to live in their own reality. They have few friends if any. New research has shown that Cyberbullies need constant Sexual arousal or Stimulation. They will become obsessed with Pornographic material and they seem to enjoy risky type behavior.

Even when a Cyberbully is caught, they show little to no remorse for their behavior. They are oblivious to any pain they cause their victims. The majority of Online stalkers are Male. Yes, Females can be Cyberbullies however, online stalking behavior is more common among Males. More Males are Prosecuted for this offense as opposed to females. Cyberstalking/ Online harassment is a Class-C felony crime. The courts show little mercy even to first-time offenders.

IP Data is the most powerful evidence when prosecuting a Cyberstalking case. Computer Crimes are covered within the 2:C Statute Codes. Felony Crimes can adversely affect one's personal life, employment, ability to rent or purchase a home. In some state jurisdictions, a Convicted Felon may have his or her Voting rights revoked and may be subject to Drivers' License Suspension.

Other Ramifications: Felony Convictions can cause licensing such as RN, LPN, Pharmacy, Imaging Technology, and other related licensing requirements to be Suspended, Revoked, Terminated, and/or Non-Renewal of permit. Action taken is dependent upon the severity of the crime and the laws governing the jurisdiction of where the offender resides. The offender will be notified by registered mail within 60 days explaining the action taken.

Abuse reports are normally filed with the appropriate Internet Service Provider once the Cyber-Crime has been proven. Internet Providers such as Comcast, Verizon FIOS have the right to terminate service indefinitely if the customer is suspected of misusing the Internet or using the equipment for illegal or unethical purposes. Abuse reports are kept on file for up to ten {10} years. The customer has the legal right to view such reports within 60 days after the report is filed.

Ok..why don't we take a 15-minute break and when the break is done, Pat and I will take your questions and answer them the best we can. Enjoy.

Break- 15 minute/ Speakers-Pat R./ Mark C. will close tonight's meeting with the usual Q & A Session.

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