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Cyber-Crime Publications/Teaching Tool- (D. Ambler-NJ):

Cyber-Crime Publications/Teaching Tool- (D. Ambler-NJ):
Cyber-Crime Publications/Teaching Tool- (D. Ambler-NJ):
Report #: 14601 - 1 Comment
Date Reported: Tuesday, October 17, 2023
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Other
Specific Location: Santa Barbara Ca/ Summerland Ca Area
City/Local Area: Santa Barbara
State/Territory: California
Region: United States

Summary/Introduction: Hello, my name is Professor Ada Hoffsletter. I am a Professor of Computer Sciences at a local city college here in Santa Barbara CA. I have discovered at least two new books on sale now in which I am using as a teaching tool/ reference guide for my Computer Forensic classes in which I teach three days a week. I too have found these reference guides quite useful within my regular curriculum.

I did purchase two books which outline the problem of computer crime with in Canada and the United States. In addition, the second book I purchased which tells the story of a person who was intentionally Cyber-Stalked and Harassed on-line by a former friend. I have observed just like many regular forum members that the Darren Ambler is very popular throughout the Internet. Apparently, due to this person's stupid mistakes and behavior, he has gained considerable notoriety. However, the attention and notoriety that Mr. Darren Ambler has gained is negative and quite damning to say the least. We must always be careful and use good common sense when we use the Internet.

I used to think that early in my career that God gave each and every one of us a certain amount of common sense at birth. However, what I have seen over the past 19 years has changed my mind considerably. Many persons use poor judgment and they abuse Internet resources. This can lead to many problems for anyone that can not control their behavior while utilizing Internet resources.

A Perfect example: the book in which outlines a story of two individuals that started out as friends back in 2014. However, as the months progressed (actually a period of two years passed before the two friends had a serious falling out). A falling out occurred between the two persons in April of 2016. This falling out was apparently so serious that it instantly Terminated the friendship.

As the person who wrote the book tells the story: after the termination of the friendship with Mr. Darren Ambler something very apparent and deliberate began to take place involving the well- known and very popular FACEBOOK Forum.

Within about one week, the former friend of Mr. Darren Ambler (whos first name ia Pat) began to notice his Facebook friend list was minus some friends. In addition, Pat also stated in Chapter 2 that apparently Mr. Ambler contacted Facebook and attempted to get Pat thrown off of Facebook. Pat claims in this book that he received an email from a Facebook administrator asking him to please send their office proof of his identity. Apparently, Darren Ambler in a desperate effort to get his former friend thrown off Facebook reported that his former friend's Facebook account may not be kosher. Basically Mr. Darren Ambler was trying to tell Facebook that someone may be impersonating his former friend and the name that was being used on the Facebook account may in fact not really be this person at all.

These claims were absurd. However, it simply proved Darren Ambler would try anything to have his former friend REMOVED from Facebook indefinitely. Within 24 hours of receiving this email from Facebook, Pat faxed Facebook security department two forms of photo identification. Facebook was satisfied and they dropped the whole issue by the next day. This was Darren Ambler's first attempt at trying to intimidate and frighten the victim in this case.

Following this ridiculous claim, the victim (Pat) noticed his Facebook friend list had shrunk somewhat within a few days. It was later learned that Mr. Darren Ambler had sent messages to at least three persons on Facebook ordering them to immediately UNFRIEND Pat and block any and all of his future posts and messages. Darren Ambler was obviously frightened of something. However, any one would agree Mr. Ambler handled his fear and frustration in a very Immature and Childish manner. Mr. Ambler's former friend had discovered that Mr. Ambler was repeatedly lying to him about everything and anything. In addition, Mr. Ambler was essentially caught engaging in some very inappropriate and illegal behavior. As Chapter 5 points out, Darren Ambler is not discreet at all. He never attempted to cover up his bad behaviors other than lying about it. If you are going to Lie- Sneak around with Paid Prostitutes- Screw anything that moves- Get into drugs and alcohol and live a Double Life then it is best to cover your tracks and don't get caught.

This could illustrate that Darren Ambler doesn't have much Common Sense. Behavior such as this can severely damage one's reputation and life if it is made public. Darren Ambler apparently never thought about being EXPOSED and the ramifications that could result. Mr. Ambler seemed to float through life without a care in the world almost as if his behavior was perfectly normal.

To sum it up, what was happening was that after Mr. Ambler was confronted by his former friend about his lifestyle etc. Darren Ambler became paranoid fearing if his former friend disclosed what he learned about Mr. Ambler to Facebook mutual friends and others, that Mr. Ambler's reputation would be damaged. That he could possibly lose friends, his current relationships with family and co-workers could be be damaged forever and possibly his children could be taken away from him.

Therefore, instead of correcting his bad behavior Mr. Darren Ambler decided to trash his former friend and try to make others feel that he was not credible and therefore he can not be believed. Mr. Ambler by word of mouth did in fact trash and slander his former friend. Darren Ambler also used the Facebook Forum to spread the lies and slanderous claims about his former friend.

Again, not thinking messages can be traced and IP/ ISP Numbers can be obtained through Court Order, Mr. Ambler used the Facebook Forum to attempt to destroy his former friend.

Mr. Ambler did contact Mutual Facebook Friends that the two parties shared and he sent messages through Facebook Messenger which were Untrue- Extremely Damaging against his friend and of course they were ordered to Unfriend the victim at once.

In analyzing the above paragraph: Without a doubt Darren Ambler has some serious Psychological issues/ Personality disorders: Also, for him to turn on someone who was once a friend so Viciously with no remorse or feeling proves Mr. Ambler is a cold hearted, callas, self centered person. Of course, it is obvious Mr. Ambler severely lacks Decency- Moral Fiber- Etiquette- and he virtually appears to have No Class or Inherent Breeding.

.It seems this Pat (the author of the book/victim) possesses Moral Fiber, Manners, Class and feeling for others. I would say most would agree these two persons are completely different and never should have been friends from day one. To turn on someone so crudely without a second thought says a lot a person. It says the person cares about one thing THEMSELVES. The book did discuss in Chapter 5-6 that Darren Ambler had a reclusive and distant personality type. That he seldom showed any expression, feeling or emotion. Which we now know are DANGER SIGNALS.

Chapters 2 thru 7: Discusses that Mr. Ambler continued to monitor (spy) on Pat's Facebook activity for the next month. Making sure he spread his vicious lies and filthy comments about his former friend to anyone that would listen. Pat (victim) decided to fight bank. He hired a very competent attorney who was well skilled in computer forensics and Internet Law.

10/18/2023 -

I used to serve Subpoena's for a private attorney. I am glad that the attorney for the victim in this case was able to obtain the information he needed to prove their claim. A court ordered Subpoena is very powerful and can not be ignored.

Quintan Kelly.

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