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Cyrus Sullivan - Cyberbully

Cyrus Sullivan - Cyberbully
Cyrus Sullivan - Cyberbully
Report #: 6512 - 3 Comments
Date Reported: Tuesday, April 13, 2021
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Elevated - Smear Campaign
Primary Weapon: Original Websites
Specific Location: Portland
City/Local Area: Portland
State/Territory: Oregon
Region: United States

Cyrus Sullivan is a known cyber bully. He will publish information on anyone for the purposes of defamation, without doing any fact checking. You simply fill out a report on say claiming that someone has an STD, and he publishes it as fact. After having been removed from the internet by Network Solutions for this kind of harassment and cyber bullying, he continues to bring the website and now this website back to life for the purposes of harassing people, and violating their privacy by publishing their personal, PRIVATE and UNLISTED contact information online. He seems to have ZERO regard for the damage he does to people and seems to get a sexual pleasure out of destroying people's reputation.

Furthermore, Cyrus takes great pride in trying to destroy the reputation of anyone and everyone that he can. In fact, he created this website for the sole purpose of harassing people and creating a platform where people can anonymously cyber bully others, with no fact checking, while publishing anything that is written about anyone as fact. On his website, in order to be removed from the site, you must submit medical records, for which he has ZERO legal right to. In short, he's a cyber bully just like any other, who has spent great deals of money trying to destroy the lives of anyone and everyone that he can. He must be put to a stop. Someone needs to fix his little red wagon with a bullet to his head!

4/14/2021 -

Whoever this is obviously didn't read the disclaimers on the site before claiming "he publishes it as fact" nor am I aware of any "unlisted contact information" published by others. This person should know better than to claim that publish anything "without doing any fact checking." The authors on STD Carriers publish their own work just like this author published this himself. He did it be entering into a contract with me in which he agreed not to post false information, but despite that he did so anyway.

That sexual pleasure accusation I've never heard before, nice one.

4/14/2021 -

Also, you need to be careful how you advocate against people. The last sentence is a call to violence which could get you into serious trouble with the feds if I were a snitch, but I am not so you're good. I respect your right to voice your opinion and I'd rather use this as an opportunity to point out where you're wrong than delete your work.

Finally, anyone has the right to choose to submit their own records to anyone for any reason.

4/26/2021 -

If this is really what he is doing then eventually he will pay for it. Remember though, if something that is published damages reputations if the allegations are TRUE then no case for slander or defamation exists. Plus, being a Civil matter in general if the person has no money then no point in suing. Many Lawyers won't even pursue defamation cases due to cost and amount of work involved. Most Importantly, you must prove that the person did it. Most people will never admit to anything. It is left up to the attorney for the Plaintiff to prove the case and meet legal standard required.

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