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Cyrus Sullivan of Portland, Oregon Targeted by Sick Stalker

Cyrus Sullivan of Portland, Oregon Targeted by Sick Stalker
Cyrus Sullivan of Portland, Oregon Targeted by Sick Stalker
Report #: 365 - 1 Comment
Date Reported: Sunday, April 8, 2012
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Investigative Services
Specific Location:
City/Local Area: Portland
State/Territory: Oregon
Region: United States

Cyrus Sullivan of Portland, Oregon has found himself the target of a deranged internet stalker since at least February, but Sullivan suspects that he may have been the victim of a cyberstalking campaign dating back several months. It began with a former address being published followed by the launch of a website, comment spam, You Tube videos, and threatening emails.

The first incident tied directly to this stalker took place in February of 2012 around the time Sullivan was featured in the Village Voice. It involved the publication of his former address and a fictitious story. The fictitious story accused him of blackmailing a woman and her husband for $1,000 before making defamatory posting about their daughter. Despite knowing that he had a stalker Sullivan decided that he wouldn’t let him or her interfere with his life, so he went on Anderson Cooper’s talk show and as predicted the stalker eventually found out about it before attacking him online again.

Several days after the Anderson episode aired and had already become yesterday’s news Sullivan received a Google alert about some comments that were posted on in response to his appearance. Sullivan is no stranger to internet harassment having been publicly ridiculed online for years, but unlike other stalkers that have tried to pinpoint his location this one came closer than any. So close in fact that the stalker had found a former address inhabited by a relative. This gave Sullivan cause for alarm and after complaining to the Anderson people they deleted the articles as well as the comments for which he is grateful, but he wishes they had just removed the comments.

In the days that followed Sullivan managed to get several things removed from the web including a bogus .pdf file designed to look like a court document. The document was designed to give readers the false impression that Sullivan has ADD, Asperger’s Syndrome, and is wanted by the police. The truth is that Sullivan is of sound health and is not a wanted fugitive. Additional false accusations included a charge that he had been arrested for attempted murder, operates illegal websites, and is a narcissist. Although no one matters more to Sullivan than Sullivan he is not a narcissist, his websites are perfectly legal, and he has never tried to kill anyone.

After that the stalker started posting creepy videos on You Tube that have been removed, but not before Sullivan downloaded them so he could put together a response (embedded below). As you can see the videos are creepy as hell with an altered voice, threats, and clear evidence that this deranged individual has made great efforts to locate Sullivan. Sullivan found out about the videos when the stalker sent him links in a threatening email.

The email from “George O’Brien” which is really the name of Sullivan’s business partner with innocent names and profanity blocked out with asterisks was as follows:

Subject: It's ***** ********! no it's ****** *******. NO IT'S GEORGE O BRIEN, YOU IDIOT!

Your imaginary world is about to collapse. Your imaginary friends are about to get sodomized with a thousand baseball bats. You fidgety, nervous, stupid fat worthless slob. You'll never do anything worthwhile. Your nervous and hurried attempts to post to blogs reveal your lack of intellect and competence. We know you are scared. That is easy to do. Everything you do, is easy to figure out.

You live like a parasite, treating people like objects on your websites, destroying lives without a second thought. You will pay for your parasitism. You're a sneaky little turd, posting websites about other people, whom you have never even met.

Nobody loves you. You have ruined your own life, and it will only get worse for you.

Your stupidity is your vulnerability. It informs us of where to find you, and it informs us of exactly how stupid and incompetent you are. This, is the only thing we obtain from listening to your idiotic arguments to various issues. We do not hear your point nor do we heed it, because the framing of your ideas alone is such a perfect example of incompetent buffoonery. Your uncontrolled impulses are clear to observe from your stupid posting on message boards and blogs - your grammar and logic process is egregious at

best, as any third grader could easily identify.

In this way, you have informed us of how easy it will be to utterly and completely destroy you. Keep posting! With each action you take, we learn more.

You rail against rudeness and crudeness, because deep down you are the most disgusting human being that ever existed. Your very existence stinks of sh*t, of incompetence, of failure. You are a loser, and the most vulgar example of human being that could exist. You are lower than a child molester, who only molests one person at a time. Your broad-reaching victimization of others is near to an end, as we will surely find you and crush you with the weight of the thousands of people whose lives you have willfully destroyed for your monetary gain.

You do not have a sense of humor. You are misanthropic, sullen, lonely. You are alone. This is because nobody loves you. Even if you temporarily connect with someone, it is temporary until she figures out how worthless you really are.

You will never attract and keep someone based on who you really are, because who that person is, is total sh*t. Your heart is a dog turd. Literally, you are a piece of sh*t. Just look on the internet. Everyone hates you. You are a joke, a misanthrope, and you should cry yourself to sleep every night thinking about your upcoming prison terms and how all the convicts you are in prison with will abuse you and f*ck you and beat your lily white, trembling pathetic body every night.

Your mission is pointless and stupid, and it will be your very downfall. Your mission is merely a reflection of your stupidity. Read the blogs about you. Read the FaceBook posts by Anderson. Everyone in the whole wide world despises you, and wants to beat the sh*t out of you.

So much awaits you.

We cannot wait.

Can you?

Go ahead f*cktard Keep f*cking with us. It only fuels the fire. We can't wait to put this fire out. Keep fanning the flames, you dipsh*t Internet Coward. We will find you. We can find you. We will find your family too. Wait for this day. Can you see it coming? Keep posting about people, you little bitch. It's coming. We are coming for you. Ever been to prison, bitch? It's gonna look like heaven compared to what we are going to do to you.

You are easy.

Think you could mess with thousands of people online and never run across a martial arts trained group of men with conceal and carry permits?

Jesus Christ, you're really stupid.

END OF MESSAGE..................

As you can see this individual is clearly mentally disturbed. Another email Sullivan received from the same individual using a different email address was as follows:


ooh, we want to be FRIENDS!!!




END OF MESSAGE...............

One can only speculate as to the exact meaning of this message. Perhaps the stalker was standing outside a building where he or she believed Sullivan to be or maybe it was some kind of sick joke trying to make him think that his stalker had found him. Whoever this is needs to get a life and stop stalking Sullivan. If he is such a big loser than anyone stalking him must be a colossal loser.

Sullivan's Response to Creepy Stalker

4/9/2012 -

In addition it should be noted that the image used here to illustrate the work of the stalker was taken from a TV appearance in 2008. He has lost at least 20 pounds since then.

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