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Darren Ambler bullying Lauren Giunta Stephanie Aman

Report #: 13553 - 8 Comments
Date Reported: Sunday, February 20, 2022
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Moderate - Public Bullying
Primary Weapon: Other
Specific Location: Cherry hill
City/Local Area: South Jersey
State/Territory: New Jersey
Region: United States

Well known and court documented cyber stalker and demented sociopath Darren Ambler has been having a drug induced mental breakdown the past 7 months. Darren Ambler continues to bully, harass and threaten his Philadelphia based ex lovers prostitutes Lauren Giunta Mistress Lauren / escort name Symphony Ravenclaw and Stephanie Aman Mistress Isadora escort name Lil Steph.

Here are just a few of many, many recent psychotic actions of Darren Ambler:

12/15/21 cyberstalker, serial harasser and drug addict male prostitute Darren Ambler threatens Philadelphia prostitute Lauren Giunta ( mistress Lauren and escort Symphony Ravenclaw that he will ruin her

On 12/16/21: Deranged Darren Ambler threatens both ex lovers Prostitutes Lauren Giunta (Mistress Lauren aka escort Symphony Ravenclaw ) & Stephanie Aman

Direct quote from his deranged emails :

I know the both of you used MY NAME and defamed me in order to use me as a weapon to online slander and harass your competitor Mistresses and girls you dont like who I dont even know! You picked the wrong man to use and slander. You shouldve kept my name out of your hooker drama and you will DEEPLY REGRET screwing with me! I will hurt you!

12/ 17/21:

Demented Darren Ambler bullies his ex lover Philadelphia Prostitute Stephanie Aman ( known as Mistress Isadora and Escort Lil Steph) with threats that he will expose, destroy and WRECK for what she did to him. (direct quote)

12/18/21 Darren Ambler sends vile harassing emails to both Lauren Giunta and Stephanie Aman how he paid to sodomize them. And brags and bullies them how he paid them to administer analingus and fellatio on him. And he posts on various sites about these vile acts he paid these women to do.

12/24/21 Darren Ambler teases and bullies Philadelphia prostitute Lauren Giunta ( Dominatrix mistress Lauren and BBW escort Symphony Ravenclaw ) About her mental illness problems ie: severe paranoid delusional schizophrenia

Also on 12/24 Darren Ambler emails threats bullies his ex lover Philadelphia Prostitute Stephanie Aman( known as Mistress Isadora and Escort Lil Steph) for her severe drug addiction, her mental illnesses and her incest relationship and pregnancies with her brother Stephan Arman. (It appears that Darren Ambler is insanely jealous of his ex

Lover Stephanie Aman incestuous affair with her brother)

01/02/22 Darren Ambler emails threats of violence against his two former prostitutes. He threatens to sick Philadelphia police on them and have their illegal whore houses raided by the cops yet again

01/03/22. Darren ambler emails prostitute Stephanie Aman (Philadelphia Dominatrix Mistress Isadora and ATM pro escort Lil Steph and threatens violence against her for her outlandish lies and slander against him. Cruel Bully Darren Ambler then also teases her for her long time drug addiction, her ugly drag queen looks her mental illnesses and her long time incest relationship with her brother.

01/10/22. Darren Ambler emails two different Philadelphia police districts and The Philadelphia Police Vice unit informing them of his ex lovers illegal prostitution activities and their drug problems and the addresses of their whore houses. Darren Ambler BCCs both Lauren giunta and Stephanie Aman on these emails as a form of mental terrorism.

More coming very soon. The mental breakdown of Darren Ambler shows no sign of slowing down. Darren Ambler is a true sociopath and a danger to society.

2/21/2022 -

AGREE-. Darren is insane. If he used prostitutes than he is guilty of the same thing. It's like now he is afraid he will go to jail. He is trying to get these girls in trouble but its like he wants to stay out of it. Darren is very much part of this and deserves to go to JAIL. Darren Ambler is a definite sex addict and drug abuser. I agree he was always nuts. It seems like now he is having the worst meltdown of all times. According to this forum he cyber bullied someone on Facebook. Cyber bullies are all psychos. Darren needs JAIL and leave everyone alone. Darren is a hooker.

2/21/2022 -

Someone needs to have this BIG ZERO arrested. Get him off the streets. It's against the law to threaten people. Darren is so 'spaced out' he fails to realize threatening bodily harm is a crime. He talks badly of all his ex's. What about Darren Ambler? He is a scum and rotten male hooker. He really thinks he is a nice guy? He is a PHARMACIST that needs to have his LICENSE REVOKED PERMANENTLY. He is too unstable to handle drugs. Someone contact Pharmacy Board in Newark NJ.

2/21/2022 -

Darren ambler brags about how he paid Lauren giunta and Stephanie Aman to receive analingus and oral sex from them and to sodomize them. And then threatens then with police action then cyberstalks and terrorizes them.


Darren Ambler is a deranged sicko!

2/21/2022 -

This dude without a doubt is sick. So obvious he is flying high on drugs. I read on this forum and another about him cyberbullying a former friend. I saw actual court documents with the county seal declaring that info was obtained which proved he was guilty. I am sure this Ambler would deny he stalked anyone. I agree, this dude needs the shock of being locked up. I hope he doesn't have kids because I think he is dangerous. Let's hope he gets institutionalized or arrested. He must be taken off the streets. He sounds absolutely insane, crazy.

2/21/2022 -

And just look at him publicly and openly cyberstalking these prostitutes. Lauren giunta and Stephanie Aman

I read somewhere he wrote himself that he is openly and very proudly doing this cyberstalking revenge on these ladies because he’s changing his legal name. So he didn’t care that he’s associated with them or their disgusting activities. The amount of crimes this man has committed is insane! Not only is prostitution illegal but so is sodomy. Sodomy is illegal in most states. And he proudly brags about doing that’ll to these women. Sick! Deranged! Demented!

2/22/2022 -

I wouldn't worry to much about him changing his name. First of all, a complete first and last name change can take time. Also- a Judge must approve the change. They investigate your background thoroughly. If a judge feels your changing your name because your trying to defraud someone or if your trying to hide from the law or some past criminal act, the judge will not approve the change. Even in the future if Darren Ambler was successful with a name change, it is fairly easy to find out a person's new name. I am afraid his past will haunt him forever no matter what he changes.

2/22/2022 -

Omg he’s now sending those women death threats and more. He is a sick, sick demented psychopath. They’re not safe. Not all.

I fear they will never be safe from this sodomy obsessed psycho.

5/17/2022 -

This person sounds quite sick, disconnected and obsessed with sex and the degrading of females. Stalkers of this kind can be quite volatile and dangerous. An abnormal mind is a dangerous mind. I am sure this person has had mental disturbances that were never properly addressed or treated. Just like an untreated alcoholic, cyberbullies get worse over time. Usually they end up in legal trouble or in a mental hospital. They basically drive themselves insane over time. You can never reason with an emotionally unstable person such as this, so don't try.

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