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Darren Ambler/ Cyber Stalking/Harassment/Facebook:

Darren Ambler/ Cyber Stalking/Harassment/Facebook:
Darren Ambler/ Cyber Stalking/Harassment/Facebook:
Report #: 4454 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Friday, January 17, 2020
Status: Past Incident
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Investigative Services
Specific Location: Cherry Hill / Delran NJ
City/Local Area: South Jersey
State/Territory: New Jersey
Region: United States

Subject: Cyber Stalking/Harassment

Identified: Darren S. Ambler

DOB:/ 04/30/1978:

Forum: Facebook


Date: 08/01/2016

Action:/ FB Account Closed/ RESTRICTED/ BANNED:



Summary of Incident:

Darren S. Ambler of Cherry Hill, NJ formerly of Delran Twp NJ was Identified as someone whom DELIBERATELY and INTENTIONALLY Cyber Stalked a Facebook Forum member in 2016. Darren Ambler and the Harassed Party were once friends and shared a number of "Mutual Friends" on the Facebook Forum. On or about April 16, 2016 the parties had a Serious "Falling Out" which resulted in TERMINATION of the Friendship.

APPARENTLY, the Former Friend/ Harassed Party (name omitted due to Privacy Concerns) Discovered some very Unflattering Truths about Darren Scott Ambler. Mr. Ambler was said to have been engaging in Immoral Behavior which included Liaisons of a Sexual Nature as well as engaging in a pattern of PATHOLOGICAL LYING. Upon learning about these behaviors the former friend TERMINATED the Friendship.

Fearing that the Former Friend would repeat or Disseminate the TRUTHS he had learned about Darren Ambler to other Facebook Members, Mr. Ambler became Paranoid, Angry and Irate. THEREFORE, on or about April 19, 2016 Darren Ambler began contacting Facebook Mutual Friends with False and Defamatory statements about the Harassed Party in this cause for action. IN ADDITION, Darren Ambler also Instructed these select Facebook Mutual Friends to "UNFRIEND" this person IMMEDIATELY: Immature Behavior on Mr. Ambler's part to say the least.

Darren Ambler began a CYBER STALKING and HARASSMENT Tirade against his former Friend which lasted almost four (4) months. Darren Ambler would log on to Facebook and access the Harassed Persons Facebook Page. He would then stalk this persons "Friend List" in search of mutual friends the Party's shared. Once Mr. Ambler located "Mutual Friends" he began sending his Defamatory and Untrue messages about the former friend Via FACEBOOK MESSENGER: Mistake on Mr. Ambler's part. Every Facebook Message sent thru Facebook Messenger can be traced thru Facebook stored Logs. In Addition, Mr. Ambler ORDERED these mutual Facebook Friends to "Unfriend" his Former Friend IMMEDIATELY: Immature behavior to say the least.

ASIDE from CYBER STALKING, now Darren Ambler's actions constituted INVASION OF PRIVACY: It was very obvious that Darren Ambler had a great deal to hide or conceal from others.

The Harassed Party in this cause for action quickly Secured an Skilled and Experienced Attorney. Within two (2) weeks of retaining the Attorney an Investigation was ordered. Facebook was fully cooperative and assisted the Attorney until the Investigation was concluded. Facebook attempts to keep their Forum Safe and Enjoyable for all of its members. Facebook has RULES and STANDARD of CONDUCT that members are expected to adhere to at all times. IN ADDITION, Facebook has also increased its Security measures since 2016.

The Attorney had several Communications with Facebook over a 5 week period. IN ADDITION, a Court Subpoena was Served to Facebook in Menlo Park, CA in order to obtain Confidential Records and Logs from Darren Ambler's Facebook Account. Facebook complied with Court Order within Two (2) Days of being served.

THEREFORE, all Logs and Information pertaining to Mr. Ambler's Facebook Passwords, Log in, Log out Logs, Copies of Facebook Messenger Messages (from 04/19/16 to 08/01/16): Also, information on Mr. Ambler's Friend list was obtained and most importantly IP Address and Location information. The IP Information and Facebook Messenger messages were critical pieces of Evidence that could not be DISPUTED. Mr. Ambler had no idea an Investigation was taking place.

MR AMBLER continued with his Facebook Stalking and childish games for almost four (4) months. CYBER STALKING and HARASSMENT is a CRIMINAL Offense within the State of NEW JERSEY. Stiff Penalties can result for engaging in Stalking and Harassment on line. The LAWS are very HARSH about these issues and Serious Consequences may result.

After reviewing all "PROOFS" and EVIDENCE it was concluded "Without a Doubt" that Darren S. Ambler did in fact Intentionally "CYBER STALK, "HARASS" AND INVADED THE PRIVACY" of his former Friend REPEATEDLY with intent to cause Harm and Anguish. ALSO, Darren Ambler VIOLATED Facebook Rules and Standard of Conduct Numerous times over a Four Month Period.

After a 5 Week Investigation Facebook and Attorney for the Harassed Person (name Omitted) Agreed that Swift Action must be taken. THEREFORE, on August 01, 2016 Facebook TERMINATED Darren Ambler's Account: Mr. Ambler was notified by Facebook IMMEDIATELY: APPARENTLY, upon learning about his Facebook Account being CLOSED, Mr. Ambler became Angry and Irate and contacted another Facebook member Namely David James. Mr. James was also Ordered by Darren Ambler to "Unfriend" the Harassed Person at once. This was also an Foolish move on Mr. Ambler's part because it provided even more Evidence in favor of the Former Friend (Harassed Person).


The Investigation uncovered two (2) Distinctive IP Addresses associated with Darren Ambler's Account. The main IP Address where the majority of Mr. Ambler's Cyber Stalking originated from was 73:150:46:43: This IP Address was identified as Comcast Internet Services and traced to Delran Township NJ: The Secondary IP Address 167:211:25:38/ was identified as Broadwing Services and was traced to Medco/Express Script, Mountain Lakes NJ. Therefore, it appears that Mr. Ambler also accessed his Facebook Account on occasion from his Place of Business. ABUSE Reports were filed with both Comcast and Broadwing. These reports stay on file for a period of FIVE (5) years.

It can be said that Darren Ambler was not very bright when he Cyber Stalked and Harassed the other Party involved. He supplied the Attorney and Facebook with an Abundance of "PROOFS" that could not be disputed by Mr. Ambler or anyone else for that matter. In addition, the False and Derogatory Messages Mr. Ambler transmitted thru Facebook Messenger were Deliberate and very Slanderous which would constitute DEFAMATION: Every message was read and analyzed by the Attorney, Facebook and the Victim in this Cause for action. All Facebook Messenger Messages were time stamped and dated. In addition, the names of other Facebook members that Mr. Ambler sent Messages to concerning the Victim were identified and assigned a Reference/ID File number:

Once Darren Ambler's Facebook Account was CLOSED Indefinitely, he was also BANNED from the Facebook Forum. Facebook also uncovered at least Two (2) additional Facebook Accounts set up by Darren Ambler. One Account was under the screen name "DARREN". The account was closed IMMEDIATELY. If any additional Facebook Accounts are discovered in the future that may be related to Mr. Ambler the accounts will be CLOSED IMMEDIATELY: Darren Ambler must learn that RULES and REGULATIONS apply to him also.

The Offences Identified upon completion of Facebook Investigation are as follows:


2): Invasion of Privacy Statute: 2C:14:09 (A MISDEMEANOR WITHIN THE STATE OF NEW JERSEY):


Facebook Documents all Internal Investigations and retains the records for an indefinite period especially if a Lifetime BAN was enforced:

Additional Information may be reviewed at:

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