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Darren Ambler/Cyber Stalking/Facebook:

Darren Ambler/Cyber Stalking/Facebook:
Darren Ambler/Cyber Stalking/Facebook:
Report #: 4453 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Status: Past Incident
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Other
Specific Location: Delran NJ/ Cherry Hill NJ
City/Local Area: South Jersey
State/Territory: New Jersey
Region: United States

Case:/Cyber Stalking/Harassment:

Venue: Facebook Forum

Case Concluded: (Yes) 08/01/2016:

Identified: Darren S. Ambler

Harassed Party (Name omitted due to Privacy Concerns)

Conclusion/Action Taken/ Facebook Account Closed/ User Banned:

Url/ SCC1289:/


Summary of Cyber Stalking Incident:

On or About April 19, 2016: identified party namely Darren S. Ambler of Cherry Hill NJ formerly a resident of Burlington County NJ: Began to intentionally and deliberately Cyber Stalk, Harass and Invade the Privacy of a former friend (name omitted). These actions can be considered Criminal. These actions continued until August 01, 2016 when Facebook Closed Darren Ambler's account "INDEFINITELY":

Darren S. Ambler and Harassed party were formerly friends and shared a number of Friends on the Facebook Forum. After a serious "Falling Out" the friendship abruptly TERMINATED: The Harassed party (former friend) discovered very unflattering and Inappropriate behaviors that Mr. Ambler was engaging in which included "Liaisons" and Compulsive Lying". Mar. Ambler fearing the other party would disclose this information to others mainly Mutual Face book Friends, he began to deliberately "HARASS and CABER STALK" his former friend on the Face book Forum. These serious and deliberate acts continued for almost four months.

The Harassed Party secured an Attorney that ordered an Investigation. Face book was contacted and an Investigation ensued. Face book was quite helpful and cooperated fully with this Investigation. A Subpoena was issued and Facebook released critical files and Facebook Logs pertaining to the account of Darren Ambler (url Mr. Ambler was unaware that an Investigation was taking place during this period. However, Darren S. Ambler was notified on August 1, 2016. His Facebook Account was closed INDEFINITELY and he was BANNED from the website. PROOFS WERE OBTAINED WHICH PROVED ALLEGATIONS OF CYBER STALKING AND HARASSMENT:

FURTHERMORE, on August 22, 2016 the Attorney representing the Harassed party sent Mr. Ambler a Certified letter which WARNED that he CEASE and DESIST from these harassing behaviors or further legal action would be taken. ALSO, letter stated that Attorney was in possession of embarrassing photos and documents that would prove detrimental to Mr. Ambler within a Court of Law.

Facebook Logs and Documentation illustrated that in fact Mr. Ambler did in fact Cyber Stalk and Harass the other person on a regular basis. Darren Ambler would access former friend's Facebook page in effort to see which Facebook mutual friends they shared. In turn, Darren Ambler would send Defamatory and Untrue messages about the former friend VIA Facebook Messenger. Darren Ambler was attempting to intimidate the Harassed person and deem him "Not Credible" if in fact former friend disseminated this information about Mr. Ambler to other Facebook members. Select Facebook "Mutual Friends" were also instructed by Mr. Ambler to "Unfriend" harassed person and have no communication with this person now or in the future. Darren Ambler obviously had a great deal to hide from others. This Harassing and Stalking tirade lasted almost four (4) months.

In Conclusion: Darren Ambler's behavior was Immature to say the least. Cyber Stalking and Harassment is a Criminal Act and can have serious ramifications. The Facebook Investigation revealed that two (2) distinctive IP Addresses were used by Darren Ambler. One IP Address was tracked through Comcast Services and located in Delran Twp NJ. The other IP Address was identified as Broadwing Svcs and service was tracked to Medco/Express, Mountain Lakes NJ. THEREFORE, Darren Ambler used his home computer most of the time when carrying out his harassing and stalking actions. Mr. Ambler also on occasion used his employers Internet resources when accessing Facebook.

THEREFORE, Abuse Reports were sent to both Comcast and Broadwing services. These reports stay on file for a period of Five years.

Cyber Stalking is a serious Act and it is not taken lightly. Darren Ambler is Banned from Facebook. HOWEVER, additional investigation revealed that Mr. Ambler did have at least two other Facebook accounts under the name of "Darren". These accounts were Terminated also. Cyber Stalking is assigned Statute 2C:33:41 within the State of New Jersey:

Invasion of Privacy is covered under Statute 2C:14:09:

Facebook has increased security measures on their website. Anyone who Violates Facebook Standards and Rules of Conduct will be removed from the website. Darren Ambler Violated Facebook Standards of Rules and Acceptable Conduct numerous times. Also, a Criminal Act of Stalking and Harassment was also identified. Facebook takes no further action concerning this matter: However, Facebook takes measures to make sure Banned members do not establish new or additional accounts.

NO FURTHER action was taken by harassed party or the Attorney. If Legal action was initiated it could have proved to be a SERIOUS and DIFFICULT case for Mr. Ambler to explain. There is no way the PROOFS could be explained away: It is not an intelligent act to play games on the Internet and Harass a person at the same time. Hopefully, Mr. Ambler may one day realise the seriousness of his actions in this cause for action:

Additional Information regarding this matter may be viewed at:

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