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Darren Ambler/Vengeful/Jealous/ Pathetic/Womanizer/ Mental

Darren Ambler/Vengeful/Jealous/ Pathetic/Womanizer/ Mental
Darren Ambler/Vengeful/Jealous/ Pathetic/Womanizer/ Mental
Report #: 13526 - 1 Comment
Date Reported: Sunday, December 26, 2021
Status: Past Incident
Severity: Elevated - Smear Campaign
Primary Weapon: Social Networks
Specific Location: Southern NJ/ Cherry Hill Twp
City/Local Area: South Jersey
State/Territory: New Jersey
Region: United States

Darren Ambler.

Please stop these repeated postings. I was aware of this website. I am very aware that two years ago when you had one of your girlish baby angry tantrums you posted a picture of me and my little Chloe. Then, when you got a taste of your own medicine you threatened me and reported me to the webmaster claiming I posted your kids picture.

You posted little Chloe's photo out of revenge. You are vengeful, jealous and mentally smashed. Darren, you ain't "Playing with a full set of bocci balls". You pursued me, stalked me, drove that long trip from Cherry Hill to my place for over 8 months. You peered through my kitchen window stalking and spying on me. I never wanted you ok? Yes, guess I used you. Paying for my meals and drugs and other things saved me alot of loot. You were so lonely and pathetic and willing to pay for everything, I would have been a fool to say no.

Truth is you are a fool. A big, naive, lonely pathetic fool. Then you did the same thing to me as you did to your other temporary flings/ sex partners. You get mad like a girl or immature child then you trash and slander me all over the Internet as an act of frustration and vengence. Yes Darren it is true you are so needy, desperate and a loner you will have Sex anyone you can get. "Beggers can't be chooser's".

Your a disgrace they way you slander and verbally trash women. Stop lying about us having a relationship and posting Chloe's picture. You hounded me to no end after you lost your job at the mail order place you worked. Driving all the way out here when I would tell you not to. I know about all your other sexual liasons you had with the chick's you met on line and the chicks you paid so they would screw you. The world probably knows.

I agree, you are a sick cookie. I guess lonliness drives us to doing crazy things, even paying for sex. I do skim this site on occasion. Ever since you posted Chloe's picture here. Don't ever do it again.

You made so many women angry with you playing multiple partner switchies and the other stuff you did. Frankly, your gross. Sometimes the thought of going to bed with you would make me want to vomit.

You lack looks and your personality ain't much better. Your immature and abusive. I had to file an order with the police to keep you away from me, Chloe and my significant other.

It's over. The paid dinners, the drugs, the booze etc. Your a deadbeat in bed. You lack general male appeal and your body is no prize either.

Stop crowding this site with your delusions. One good thing came out of our union. I realized how repulsive you are and it helped me find happiness with my current partner.

I've been contacted on Dec 13 . Former sex toys wanted to verify many of your lies and stories. I told the truth and I told them you have a lying problem, drug issues and you are obsessive about very dirty and inappropriate sex acts. I feared for my daughter every time You (Darren Ambler was around). Don't ever slander me on line again. You trashed me calling me a druggie ,jail bird and other things. What do you think you are? besides crud-scum. I know you bullied someone

on the web. I first read about the incident on forums three years ago.

Just cause you havent been arrested don't mean you didnt break the law. You have many enimies baby. Try to grow up, i know its hard.

Please stop denials and lies. Dont ever bother me and my new love ever again. Get a hobby. Keep busy. Pleasure yourself for thrills. You had your fun its done. Was never fun for me. I never told my child drugs are ok--another lie. I think one day after you got fired you drove from NJ all the way to my place unexpectedly. I remember you stormed in high as a kite-I said to my little girl---thats what drugs will do to you. Referring to you. Stop twisting words. You were stoned out of your mind that day. All you wanted to do was screw. I told you not in front of my child. you must have memory loss.

1/4/2022 -

Can't someone have this Darren Ambler committed or put in a secured lockdown sanitarium?

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