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Double Rainbow Guy Yosemitebear Accused of Drug Use

Double Rainbow Guy Yosemitebear Accused of Drug Use
Double Rainbow Guy Yosemitebear Accused of Drug Use
Report #: 100 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Sunday, May 1, 2011
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Moderate - Public Bullying
Primary Weapon: Comment Boards
Specific Location: Yosemite
City/Local Area: Fresno
State/Territory: California
Region: United States

Video blogger Paul Vazquez better known as Yosemitebear spotted a double rainbow outside his house and video taped his excitement. That video has now gotten over 27,000,000 views on You Tube with over 100,000 comments many of which accuse Yosemitebear of being a homosexual, having a rainbow fetish, or drug users while others just put him down with ridicule.

The homosexual and rainbow fetish accusations for the most part come from people who believe that Yosemitebear was masturbating to the rainbow, but the truth is that he is an environmentalist who loves nature and think rainbows are beautiful, but not in a sexually attractive way. Some notable sexual comments are as follows:

"ur a gay homo"

"what a HOMO"

"I counted at least three orgasms."

"Dude, stop beating off to a rainbow, get a real girl and get laid. The whole world doesnt want to hear you loose your virginity to a rainbow, pardon me, a double rainbow."

"Why is he moaning like that?? it sounds something GOT in his a**hole and he started crying " i lost my VIRGINITY " aaaaaaaaaah O_o"

To make matters worse in addition to calling the man a homosexual people have been accusing him of using crack cocaine, crystal meth, LSD, and eating psychdellic mushrooms. The justification for these accusation are usually based on the unusual level of excitement Yosemitebear displayed when documenting the double rainbow. Drug abuse accusations are as follows:

"F*cking crack head get some help."

"This is what happens when you see a double rainbow while on a heavy dose on LSD."

"What was this hippie smoking?"

"this is why you dont eat what you find in the woods.."

"children this is what acid will do to your brain..."

"he took mushrooms"

"meth is a hell of a drug"

In addition to the homosexual, rainbow fetish, and drug accusations there are several other comments calling him various names. Fortunately for Yosemitebear this video has gotten him so much attention and hits to his website that it does not matter if he is a homosexual drug user with a rainbow fetish because all the money he is making should make being outed worth it.

Double Rainbow You Tube Video

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