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Dr Barry Lall Of Pinnacle Hotels USA

Dr Barry Lall Of Pinnacle Hotels USA
Dr Barry Lall Of Pinnacle Hotels USA
Report #: 14594 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Monday, April 10, 2023
Status: Past Incident
Severity: Moderate - Public Bullying
Primary Weapon: Other
Specific Location: San Diego
City/Local Area: San Diego
State/Territory: California
Region: United States

The case of Dr. Bharat Lall aka Barry Lall[now the member of San Diego Indian American Society], who had his medical license revoked in 1990 due to allegations of sexual misconduct during physical examinations, is a reminder of the devastating consequences of abusing one's position of power and trust. While the revocation of his medical license effectively ended his career as a doctor, Lall has since found a new profession in real estate.

A former Kaiser Permanente doctor agreed to have his California medical license revoked after more women patients came forward and alleged sexual misconduct during physical examinations.

The state attorney generals office had accused Dr. Barry Lall of sexual misconduct and gross negligence in his treatment of five female patients. But, after publicity about the case, five more women patients approached authorities with similar allegations, including one of an incident that allegedly occurred last month.

In the first five cases--four at Kaiser and one at Scripps Ranch Medical Clinic--Lall, 39, allegedly examined patients, administering a massage while he stood between their legs, sometimes pressing his body against them as they sat clad in paper gowns, according to court records.

The revocation of a medical license is a serious matter that can have significant ramifications for both the doctor and their patients. In Lall's case, the allegations against him involved multiple women who accused him of engaging in inappropriate behavior during their physical examinations. The California Medical Board, after conducting an investigation, found sufficient evidence to support these claims and revoked Lall's medical license.

The revocation of Barry license meant that he was no longer legally allowed to practice medicine in California. This was a significant blow to Lall, who had likely invested many years of his life and significant financial resources into his medical education and training. Moreover, the revocation of his license was also a devastating outcome for the patients who had trusted Lall with their care.

It is unclear how Lall coped with the revocation of his license or how he supported himself and his family in the years following. However, it appears that he has since found a new profession in real estate. While it is not uncommon for professionals who have had their licenses revoked or suspended to switch careers, the transition can be difficult, especially if the individual has limited experience or training in their new field.

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