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Edinburgh couple will stop at nothing to stalk and bully

Edinburgh couple will stop at nothing to stalk and bully
Edinburgh couple will stop at nothing to stalk and bully
Report #: 13542 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Wednesday, January 26, 2022
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Cross Site Stalking
Specific Location: Edinburgh
City/Local Area: Edinburgh
State/Territory: United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Region: Europe

Edinburgh couple Barry Ferrol and his girlfriend Alexandria Winchcole are stalking hypocrites who abuse and harass others! It started of with being stalked and harassed by this woman using at least 10 fake profiles on Facebook. She & her bf have been making threats, making up disgusting filthy rumours, using fake profiles to harass, abuse and to cause intimidation on a daily basis and also slandering my name using texts against me I sent to an ex ages ago and he has callously set this all up and let them get involved when there has been no reason to. So people are aware his name is Johnarchie Macdonald and after claiming to have been abused which is all fabricated lies he has got this couple to attack me on a daily basis and actually said I deserve it. Every day I have woke up to abuse since the first week in January, but thanks to her reports and her fake reviews to make me out to be the only bad person in the world I found out its all Alexandria Winchcole from Edinburgh and her partner Barry Ferrol and there is a full album of screenshots to prove this. For some reason she has an unhealthy obsession with me but thinks thats how to stick up for her mate just because we had a messy breakup but cant use her real account and only her real account to do so, has to hide behind fake profiles and bully others like she is in high school. I wasnt even with this guy so to speak, we dated for a couple of weeks and this is what Im having to deal with? NAH Enough is enough now, time to move on but I am posting all this because its highly disturbing how many fake profiles there is and they are all connected to each other like a little family of fake profiles! She even used a photo from her own photography page that she took, for a cover photo for one of them and that was the first tell tale sign that it was down to her. Regardless of what I said in previous messages to anyone Ive ever dated Ive never once claimed to be perfect or innocent and people who know me know what Im truly like and I thank them every day for sticking by me because they understand me, my mental health and its not easy, but Johnarchie very clearly does not understand any real disorder and thats okay too, not everyone can understand or handle it as its one of the most hardest thing you could ever go through! But to send my private messages to someone else thats low in the first place then continuing the bullying and harassment for weeks over that causing PTSD and other issues... is whats wrong especially after this person wanted to fix things after I had said what I said to him. Go figure & not just the fake reviews but to repeatedly contact my agency with false claims of child and animal abuse? & also kidnap? LOL! Really this girl is going out her way to make me out to be something Im not but anyone who knows me knows what I am like so I have nothing to hide and you wont win, its now slander and cyber stalking at this point to an individual and a business so go back and crawl into the little holes you all came from and get on with your life as I am now going to get on with mine! My lawyer shall be in touch.

UPDATE 24th February- has still been trying to contact my agency with false claims and as of today has told me I killed my own baby I lost when I was 16? Other texts were vile including that Ive to go kill more kids apparently and Ive to go join my Gran who is dead, also apparently she died to get away from me even though she died of cancer. That is a line you do not cross. Alexandria and her man Barry Ferrol will stop at nothing it seems! Oh and I probably murdered my own child with my coke addiction (that and the fact my gran died to get away from me was the latest two texts) yet I have never been addicted to coke in my life and didn't even know what it was and certainly could not afford it at age 16. Cmon get in the real life!! Upon being confronted about all this they deny its them but say I deserve it, and deserve all thats coming to me. It is vile so just be warned if you know these people they aint as perfect as they make out! Vile poisonous people and I hope everyone finds out exactly what they are like!

ANOTHER UPDATE- they have created a fake tinder which is located in Edinburgh (surprise surprise) & they are conversing with men on there and setting up fake meets, this is highly disturbing and only affects the other person when they find out its all fake, its quite sad and pathetic. I only have two instagrams and two twitters- if you think you have been talking to me please get in contact with me and Ill let you know! This needs to stop! What a very odd strange fetish for a couple to have??

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