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Fighting the Cyberbully-Interesting Facts-Taking Action

Fighting the Cyberbully-Interesting Facts-Taking Action
Fighting the Cyberbully-Interesting Facts-Taking Action
Report #: 14551 - 1 Comment
Date Reported: Tuesday, May 17, 2022
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Investigative Services
Specific Location: Chicago-Elgin areas.
City/Local Area: Chicago
State/Territory: Illinois
Region: United States

A great deal of attention has been given to Cyberbullying over the past decade. However, we need to keep the issue on the 'front burner' so to speak. Keep in mind, a cyberbully is not a normal functioning human being. They almost always come from a 'dysfunctional' background (ex: alcoholism, sexual abuse, poor parental guidance).

Although more research needs to be done, it appears that the compulsion that leads to cyberbullying behavior originates in the part of the brain that is responsible for hunger, impulse control and mood regulation. This information could be helpful in the future as means of treating a person with these tendencies. Possibly existing anti-psychotic or anti-depressant medicines could help a person whom feels the need or compulsion to harass someone online. Therapy would more than likely be suggested as part of a treatment plan.

The cyberbully gives no thought to another living soul. Their life is all about me, myself and I. In addition, cyberbullies are normally void of feelings, emotion and they tend to develop a false image of the world around them. Meaning, they have 'no clue' how the majority of 'stable' people conduct their lives and they are not interested. As irrational and out of touch as these people are, the cyberbully really thinks he or she is normal. This is what can make them dangerous.

Cyberbullies normally have diminished mental capacity and reasoning skill. They act impulsively not caring whom they hurt or offend. Also, they have no regard for the law. Almost always the cyberbully takes the position that he or she is fine and the rest of the world is 'crazy' and out of touch. I've heard convicted cyberbullies call his victims 'crazy' and 'stalkers'. Which shows how 'unbalanced' they really are. Cyberbullies can have 'a mountain' of evidence against them pointing to their guilt however they will still lie and claim they are the victim {GMC-2004}.

You will 'never' get an apology from a cyberbully. They are as cold as ice and uncaring as they come. This is why the victim of a cyberbully can not show any compassion toward their stalker. The best way to handle these 'harmful' and cruel individuals is to allow an attorney and the law do what they must to insure justice is served. Statistics demonstrate that cyberbullies will repeat the offence.

*Keep in mind cyberbullying is more common among males as opposed to females:

Being a full-time University professor here in Chicago I rely heavily on published and verified statistics:

Percentage of Cyberbullies possess anti-social personality traits: 76% {NJOM}

Percentage of cyberbullies that were sexually & emotionally abused: 59.8% {JHU}.

Percentage of cyberbullies that lead a risky lifestyle: 86.3%

Percentage of cyberbullies have poor family & social relations: 69.3%:

Percentage of cyberbullies that use mind altering substances 68.9%:

Cyberbullies that continually rationalize bad and illegal behaviors: 79.8%:

Depression is a permanent feature: 59.2%:

Percentage of cyberbullies that blame others for their unhappy & tension filled life: 72%::

Percentage of cyberbullies that suffer from: "Obsessive Compulsive Disorder" {OCD}

*The following may be present in those with a compulsion to cyberstalk:

"Bi-Polar Mania" 69%:

"Delusions" 96%:

"Low-self-worth" 82%:

"Hypersexuality" 62%

"Chronic Lying" 92%:

*Rage Behavior syndrome: 83%

*Psychotic behavior patterns: {more research required}:

*Naturally, cyberbullies have problems with compulsive lying. Which makes sense. If the cyberbully revealed their true behaviors to others of course no one would want to be in their company for any reason.

*As you can clearly see. Cyberstalkers normally suffer from several disorders. These disorders may mask or intensify the cyberbully tendencies. Unfortunately, these ill individuals rarely seek help on their own. In fact, cyberbullies will only seek help if the courts order the troubled person to do so. Until they break the law, the majority of the cyberbullies will never seek help on their own.

*Cyberbullies have a high divorce rate and high rate of abandonment: Due to their dual behavioral issues emotionally stable persons can not be in the company of cyberbullies for very long.

*Finally, cyberbullying is an act of control and manipulation. Which can be fueled by Anger, Jealousy, Hate, Revenge. The stalker really believes he or she has power over their victims. At times, they will use threats, black-mail and other means to intimidate victims. They give no thought to legal ramifications of their actions.

*Quite common-when a cyberbully is caught he or she will attempt to turn the tables as if they are the poor victim. Which is simply a tactic used by the mentally disturbed because they have no defense. Make sure you hire an experienced attorney. Evidence collection and processing is important in proving your case. Common forums cyberbullies target are Facebook as well as other similar public forum websites.

If you stalked or bullied report the incident. Ignoring the incident can spell TROUBLE. Take no mercy on these ill and dangerous computer abusers.

*Rage Behavior is present in a large number of online bullies. Never confront the cyberbully 'face to face'. You may create a dangerous situation. Cyberbullies lack something that most people have naturally which is "Moral-Conscience" and "Emotional Control". This is the reason that it is next to impossible to reason with a cyberbully. They lack the ability to understand logic. Cyberbullies are irrational thinkers otherwise they wouldn't be stalking people online or otherwise. At times the mentally impaired lack common sense and can act quite childlike.

In the majority of cases cyberbullies are always in some kind of trouble or turmoil. However, they can't see how disorganized they are and refuse to take direction from stable individuals.

*It is important to retain legal counsel. Once the cyberbully is 'exposed' it can create a dangerous situation for the intended victim.

*Being bullied online can eventually take an emotional toll on the victim. Having one's life disrupted by a maniac can be an earth shattering experience. It may take time to recover from such an experience long after the cyberbully is dealt with appropriately. The truth is, Cyberbullies have no right to intrude into ones life with ill intent. The best course of action is when you see signs of mental instability and possible stalking tendencies, remove the person from your life Immediately.

*Next post I will reference specific Cases of online bullying and the outcomes.

5/17/2022 -

Thanks Professor. It looks like you have researched your material very well. At this point my primary concern is protecting our children who use the Internet. There is a lot of garbage posted on line. What can be done about that?

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