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Forbes Top 10 List of Donald Trump's Most Offensive Tweets

Forbes Top 10 List of Donald Trump's Most Offensive Tweets
Forbes Top 10 List of Donald Trump's Most Offensive Tweets
Report #: 420 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Monday, August 26, 2019
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Moderate - Public Bullying
Primary Weapon: Social Networks
Specific Location: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
City/Local Area: Washington
State/Territory: District of Columbia
Region: United States

Forbes Magazine published a top 10 list of Donald Trump's most offensive Tweets in 2015 before he was president. Surely some of these should be bumped off the list since his Twitter bullying only seems to get worse every year. As of 2015 these were the most offensive Donald Trump Tweets according to Forbes Magazine:

10. Clown

“The hatred that clown @krauthammer has for me is unbelievable – causes him to lie when many others say Trump easily won debate.”

9. Dummy

"How can a dummy dope like Harry Hurt, who wrote a failed book about me but doesn’t know me or anything about me, be on TV discussing Trump?"

8. Phony

"My plan will lower taxes for our country, not raise them. Phony @club4growth says I will raise taxes—just another lie."

7. Lightweight

"Lightweight Senator @RandPaul should focus on trying to get elected in Kentucky--- a great state which is embarrassed by him."

6. Dopey

"Every Poll has me winning BIG. If you list en to dopey Karl Rove, a Trump hater, on @oreillyfactor, you would think I'm doing poorly."

5. Truly weird/Spoiled brat

"Truly weird Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky reminds me of a spoiled brat without a properly functioning brain. He was terrible at DEBATE!"

4. Pathetic

"The president of the pathetic Club For Growth came to my office in N.Y.C. and asked for a ridiculous $1,000,000 contribution. I said no way!"

3. Terrible/Angry Obnoxious

"@MeghanMcCain was terrible on @TheFive yesterday. Angry and obnoxious, she will never make it on T.V. @FoxNews can do so much better!"

2. Low class slob

"@FrankLuntz is a low class slob who came to my office looking for consulting work and I had zero interest. Now he picks anti-Trump panels!"

1. Republican Presidential Candidates Speak At Values Voter Summit

"Huma Abedin, the top aide to Hillary Clinton and the wife of perv sleazebag Anthony Wiener, was a major security risk as a collector of info"

As you can see in the video below Trump's Twitter bullying has reached epidemic levels. As a result there is now an entire library dedicated to his Tweets. This is an actual physical library that people can go to and view his Tweets on display. It is called a library but it is really more like a museum.

Trump Presidential Twitter Library

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