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Illegal Alien Cyberbullying Anti-Illegal Immigration Site

Illegal Alien Cyberbullying Anti-Illegal Immigration Site
Illegal Alien Cyberbullying Anti-Illegal Immigration Site
Report #: 236 - 3 Comments
Date Reported: Wednesday, August 31, 2011
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Low - Private Harassment
Primary Weapon: Other
Specific Location: Facebook
City/Local Area: Boise
State/Territory: Idaho
Region: United States

Illegal Alien Report (IAR) has received several hostile messages from a confessed illegal alien named ***** *******. The messages began on Facebook when ******* accused IAR of spreading hate on the social network by posting comments in opposition to proposed legislation that would reward people for being in the United States illegally. For the IAR administrator it was his first encounter with an illegal alien life form who was bold enough to sign his message "undocumented and unafraid". Undocumented is short for undocumented immigrant which is a term commonly used improperly as a substitute for illegal alien.

The IAR administrator responded to his messages tactfully and with intrigue since as outlined above he had never before been contacted by an illegal alien as far as he knew. Eventually he wrote a report about the illegal alien encounter on the IAR website where the public is free to report suspected illegal aliens and businesses hiring them online just as easily as you can report a cyber bully on this site. ******* did not like the report about him, deleted his Facebook profile, and attempted several times to intimidate the administrator into removing his report.

His intimidation methods centered around the use of litigious threats mentioning his alleged age, immigration status, and a family lawyer. He claimed to be less than 18 years old and that publishing his picture was somehow illegal due to his age which is not correct. It would be if it contained an adult image, but publishing facts on people who are not yet 18 is perfectly legal. He also claimed to have gotten "temporary citizenship" recently even though there is no such thing as temporary citizenship. There is temporary residency, but citizenship is permanent unless renounced or revoked. He also stated repeatedly that this incident would be forwarded to his family attorney in an obvious attempt to instill some sense of urgency in the IAR admin in an effort to get the report removed.

Now some people may consider it cyberbullying to list illegal aliens online, but its not because it is an issue of government accountability for failure to enforce immigration laws. IAR always responded to his messages kindly despite his tone and made an effort to invite him to use the site where all views on the matter are welcome. If he is under 18 IAR sympathizes with him for having to suffer the consequences of bad parenting, but feels the need to teach him a lesson in manners. If you want someone to do you a favor do not try to intimidate them into doing what you want.

This incident should serve as a lesson to illegal aliens not to use Facebook and not tell IAR about it if they do. This principal can be expanded to anyone using Facebook who gets the idea of contacting people who own or work for publishing services designed for listing people like them on the internet.

9/21/2011 -

The so called 'Administrator' seems to be nothing but a joke, it seems to me. I highly doubt this comment will be posted, I'm well aware that this so called 'cyberbullying' website and the illegal alien report website are very one-sided websites. Who exactly is this administrator to be talking to young adults over the internet? Now, I'm not sure if you could get in trouble for that or not but it seems very creepy for an adult to be doing such utter nonsense. I might not be back to this website but I highly suggest the removal of these articles, you are just scaring the lad, don't go too low.

10/7/2019 -

This report has been updated to remove the name of the subject because of Donald Trump's immigration policies and mistreatment of immigrants by the criminal justice system that pre-date Trump. After ending up in a federal prison and living with Mexicans I do not want to risk putting anyone in there, especially if all they did was cross the border.

The link to this guy's IAR report has been replaced with a link to the IAR shut down announcement and the hashtag has been changed from his name to Donald Trump.

10/7/2019 -

@krushediu there is nothing creepy about an adult systematically spamming relevant Facebook pages with links. Back then you could get away with that but today they will quickly stop you from being able to use that feature for a while. Back then you could do a search for Facebook pages about immigration, go to all of them, and unless posting was restricted you could add your link and move on to the next. That is how I encountered this guy.

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