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Internet Vengeance & The Sick Mind-Cyber Bully Facts

Internet Vengeance & The Sick Mind-Cyber Bully Facts
Internet Vengeance & The Sick Mind-Cyber Bully Facts
Report #: 14603 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Tuesday, October 24, 2023
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Investigative Services
Specific Location: Brunswick Georgia Vicinity
City/Local Area: Brunswick
State/Territory: Georgia
Region: United States

Cyber Bullying is clearly a crime with serious consequences. It seems that even though cyber criminals know there are strict penalties if you are caught bullying someone on line, it doesn't seem to serve as a deterrent for some. I guess "mental sickness" takes precedence over any punishment the Cyber Bully may receive.

I have read three books regarding Cyber Bullying within the past few months. I found these books very interesting and quite useful with my legal studies.

Cyber Bullies are clearly sick individuals with an agenda. Most Cyber Bullies are male. I found that very interesting also. An anti-social male seems to feel comfortable bullying their victim behind a computer keyboard and screen. They "NEVER" think about getting caught. All the Cyber Bully seems to focus on is "Harassing" and "Upsetting" their intended victim. I hate to make the comparison however, Bullying someone on-line in a sense like a sexual assault. They are both acts of "Control". In reality, a Cyber Bully is a sick coward that has a score to settle with the victim. I too read the recommended book about the Cyber Bully that tormented and bullied his former friend on-line for almost four months. This very detailed book points out that the Cyber Bully who's name according to the book was Mr. Darrin Ambler.

After reading this book in it's entirety there is no way any one could come to any other conclusion than this Mr. Ambler was 100% Guilty. Also, this Cyber Bully was not too "BRIGHT" stalking his former friend through the Internet on a daily basis and never attempted to hide his identity or geographic location. They say most people that break the law are not too bright to begin with. I guess the same applies to Cyber Bullies.

The harasser or Cyber Bully Darren Ambler ruined so much for himself. He destroyed a friendship with the person he harassed on-line. Also, Mr. Darren Ambler drove so many people out of his life with his sick and inappropriate behaviors. I guess I will never understand how someone like this Mr. Ambler would prefer to live a life with risky and devastating consequences as opposed to living an upstanding and happy life. I must assume when mental illness takes over you do crazy things. I am assuming "Mental Illness" is like a controlling demon tugging away at your every thought and action.

Even though the majority of Cyber Bullies are declared to be "Mentally Disturbed" it seems the courts still impose harsh punishment for anyone found "Guilty" of this felony crime. I am assuming Judges take no pity on these criminals to set an example and an attempt to deter anyone from engaging in on-line stalking.

Facebook is a huge on line forum. It is an excellent way to reunite with old friends and family members. It is clearly a privilege to be a Facebook member. Cyber Bullies abuse their privilege on Facebook therefore they end up losing all "Facebook Privileges" in the long run. It is pretty sad when a person is so sick and irresponsible that they receive a lifetime ban from Facebook. It is better that the Cyber Bully is ban from Facebook. It eliminates problems and provides a safe and effective environment for the responsible Facebook members. Rules and Laws are made for a reason. If a person can not follow the rules then they need to "Get Out"- "Go Elsewhere".

A person only has one reputation. It is important to behave accordingly and stay out of trouble. The Cyber Bully apparently never thinks along those lines. Then when they get caught harassing someone on line they usually blame their behavior on someone else. Thank Goodness the courts don't buy into the sick depraved mind of the Cyber Bully. One would think once a Cyber Bully is caught that it would serve as a deterrent for future Internet misuse. Interesting enough, it seems once this Darren Ambler was caught that he still continued to frequent the Internet and various public web-site forums. Which demonstrates just how "out of control" this person must really be. I guess these disturbed individuals crave public attention for some convoluted reason. In further analyzing the book regarding this Cyber Bully, I concluded that one major problem was that the victim was so very different from this Darren Ambler. Different in a positive way. It appears the victim was a married family man with children, a likeable person, someone who had strong morals and ethics. Someone who was going places in life and was always doing something interesting with either family or friends. On the other hand, this Darren Ambler according to the book was extremely anti-social, introverted, possessed "loose morals", had no manners or etiquette and did not seem to care what others thought about him. Also, Darren Ambler according to Chapters 4 thru 6, was a loner, divorced from his wife and had very low self-worth. Anyone who made a career out of forming relationships with hard-core street prostitutes is a very sick and disconnected person. I don't feel a person like this can ever change and gain the respect of others especially after the life he chose to live. If Mr. Ambler has any friends at all they are either insane or they chose to overlook Mr. Ambler's very bazaar and immoral lifestyle. I can't think of anyone that I know that would choose to be friends with a Cyber Bully and someone who cherished Prostitutes and Paid Dome's. It is just not normal acceptable behavior.

I am glad to know as an undergraduate law student that the laws regarding Cyber Bullying have even become more strict over the past three years. First time offenders do not get off lightly. I am grateful the Judges take a grim view point toward Computer Criminals. That is exactly what Cyber Bullying is a "COMPUTER CRIME" period.


*Always report a cyber stalking incident to a higher authority.

*Never attempt to resolve a cyber bullying incident on your own.

*Give accurate information about your incident to Police/ and or Attorney.

*Depending on the situation possibly file an restraining order.

*Cyber Bullies no matter how you look at it are dangerous people.

*Cyber Bullies have no remorse for their actions or the pain they cause others.

*The on-line Stalker has an agenda mainly based on control, revenge and punishment.

*Many times the on-line bully is a former boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, acquaintance, co-worker, ex spouse or obsessed admirer.

*Cyber Bullies are irrational, compulsive persons who do not respond to rational conversation.

*Cyber Stalkers lack empathy, common sense, rational thought and are extremely self-absorbed.

*These sick individuals can not cope with people, the outside world and everyday problems become overwhelming for most of them.

*They spend the majority of time thinking about "Themselves" and their own "Needs".

I have another book in which I plan on reading "Securing your on-line Experience to avoid Spies and Stalkers".

*There are certain types of restraining orders that can prohibit one from accessing certain areas of the Internet. However, these orders can only be filed by an attorney through the county in which the on line bullying is taking place. A Judge must ultimately approve the order following a hearing. Many people don't wish to be bothered paying an attorney and going through the court process. People need to become more involved if they wish to conquer this problem.

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