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James Godin - Woburn, Massachusetts

James Godin - Woburn, Massachusetts
James Godin - Woburn, Massachusetts
Report #: 14553 - 3 Comments
Date Reported: Wednesday, May 18, 2022
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Other
Specific Location: Woburn MA
City/Local Area: Boston
State/Territory: Massachusetts
Region: United States

Cyberstalker James Godin of Woburn, Massachusetts has been harassing women for ten years (or more) on the internet. This hateful bully takes women's pictures and posts those pictures to revenge porn sites. He also harasses these women, by either name calling them, or blurting out other embarrassing rumors about them. This mean abuser has done this to so many women, including one female who had previously died. Yes, this bully was so low, he felt the need to expose and shame a girl who was already dead! James Godin obviously has a vile fetish of wanting to expose, humiliate and torture women, along with their families.

This cyberstalker has spent YEARS teasing and harassing young women that he knew who were around his age; possibly former classmates. He could never get laid by any of them. Since James couldn't have the pretty girls, because he was too much of a creep, he decided he was going to punish them, by shaming them, so NO man would ever want them, again. James Godin even posts his female victim's family pictures, along with their children. This scumbag will stoop as low as he can go!

For years, James Godin had focused his obsession over a young woman he had lusted after, named Danielle. When Godin had failed to get into her panties, he stole pictures and videos she had, and had used them against her in some sick revenge-porn tactic. After that, it didn't take long for people to figure out who the culprit was. Danielle's friends want to give James a proper ass stomping, but rumor has it, the incel pussy won't leave his mommy's house, because he's too scared. Yes, this 33 year old man still lives with his mother and has no plans on ever moving out.

This is a warning to women in Woburn and in the Boston area to avoid James Godin at all costs. He is dangerous, belligerent, and spiteful towards women. James Godin is an abusive bully and a misogynist.

5/20/2022 -

Here is one of James Godin's many posts online. This vulgar cyber-bully is admitting that he OWNS one of his victims. Read for yourselves what these women have to deal with. Everything written about James Godin is true 100% facts!

5/22/2022 -

Yes-any man that acts this way and treats women so badly should be removed from society. Usually, people like this end up breaking the law. I am confident the law will make sure he receives just punishment.

5/24/2022 -

UPDATE: James Godin has not lived in Woburn for some time now. Instead, he is hiding out, up in Syracuse, NY.; possibly living with his brother, Derek Godin. There is a warrant out for James Godin's arrest, in Massachusetts.

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