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John Crawford (Sir Eric) Sierra Madre Tattler Cyberbullying

John Crawford (Sir Eric) Sierra Madre Tattler Cyberbullying
John Crawford (Sir Eric) Sierra Madre Tattler Cyberbullying
Report #: 296 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Cross Site Stalking
Specific Location: Sierra Madre
City/Local Area: Los Angeles
State/Territory: California
Region: United States

Openly gay former mayor of Sierra Madre has been harassed for years by a blog called the Sierra Madre Tattler written by John Crawford. He also operates under the name Sir Eric Maundry. A child pornographer was recently convicted (in Canada, but lived in Sierra Madre), and now John Crawford through the Sierra Madre Tattler is trying to link the pornographer to the former mayor, and two current city councilmen. People who try to defend the former mayor and the current councilmen are mocked, comments not posted, or then "linked" to the pornographer as well. This harassment has been going on for several years. The blog author claims he is offering a venue for political discourse, but he is actively taking part in cyberbullying, encouraging cyberbullying, and enabling other cyberbullies using such techniques as:

-Misinforming - John Crawford's Sierra Madre Tattler includes contextually inacurate reporting, lying, lying by omission, and repeating of rumors.

-Maginfying - John Crawford's Sierra Madre Tattler finds the smallest error and takes the most negative spin and magnifies it to become the whole story - damaging a victim's reputation.

-Using passive aggression - John Crawford's Sierra Madre Tattler appears not to be aggressive but uses passive means to be antagonistic and hostile. John Crawford posts anonymously on his own blog and multiple newspapers. He even has a sympathetic ear at a larger newspaper called the Pasadena Star News who he has been feeding misinformation and leaning on to spin stories as certain way.

-Creating an audience - John Crawford's Sierra Madre Tattler builds an entourage of enablers to incite.

-Persisting - John Crawford's Sierra Madre Tattler is constantly digging at rather than fighting one-off battles.

-Using sarcasm to humiliate and belittle.

-Being sneaky - John Crawford's Sierra Madre Tattler uses behind the back politicking to ensure a supportive audience when bullying more openly with less risk of exposure.

-Dividing and conquering - John Crawford's Sierra Madre Tattler uses a strategy of "you are with me or with him." You are either with me or a child pornographer or a defender of a child pornographer. John Crawford makes the supporters of bullying victims feel fearful of openly supporting the victim.

-Aiding and abetting - John Crawford encourages anonymous attacks, and hides/supports their identity, and lack of responsibility.

-Letting his power corrupt him - John Crawford uses a position of power to attack those who threaten that power. Those with some power who feel threatened are more likely to bully.

Inciting - John Crawford incites others to continue or extend the bullying publicly, supporting those that follow the cyberbully's lead, encouraging more bystanders to join against the victim.

Stalking - John Crawford monitors, eavesdrops, and waits for a situation to exploit. He tries to gain access to personal information.

Eliciting - John Crawford's Sierra Madre Tattler antagonizes to elicit a response, attempt to create and emotional storm, then spotlight "bad behavior" on the part of the target.

How can we stop him? The targets pretend to not care, but the friends and families of the targets bear the brunt of John Crawford's attacks.

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