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Justin Bieber Attacked by Anti-Bieber Cyberbullies

Justin Bieber Attacked by Anti-Bieber Cyberbullies
Justin Bieber Attacked by Anti-Bieber Cyberbullies
Report #: 16 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Sunday, November 21, 2010
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Elevated - Smear Campaign
Primary Weapon: Search Engines
Specific Location: Stratford
City/Local Area: Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge
State/Territory: Ontario
Region: Canada

Justin Bieber has been the victim of multiple cyberbullying attacks ever since becoming an object of lust for tween girls and older ladies like Kim Kardashian at the age of 15 following the release of his first album in 2009. The thin pale skinned Canadian teen singing sensation is best known for his trademark haircut featuring bangs so long that they cover his entire forehead while being just short enough for him to see. Like most teen stars loved by tween girls he has developed a following of hate groups who consider his music to be bad and his fans to be stupid. These groups have taken to the internet bullying him with a wide range of attacks targeting websites including Google and Facebook with a variety of hacking, spamming, and hate speech.

One of the most high profile incidents of Anti-Bieber bullying took place in July of 2010 when bullies attacked a website while a fan poll was being conducted to determine what countries he would go to during his "My World Tour" and rigged it so that North Korea won. Other incidents include spreading false rumors that his mother agreed to pose nude for Playboy, that he died, and that he joined a cult. There have also been incidents of photoshopping his picture into adult content and hacking sites before redirecting users to porn.

Anti-Bieber Bullies targeted Google Trends with a false Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) rumor in June of 2010 when users began circulating emails asking people to search for "Justin Bieber Syphilis" on Google. After enough people were e-bombed and conducted the search "Justin Bieber Syphilis" became number one on Goolge Trends for June 13, 2010.

In addition to the above mainstream local news organizations covering Bieber fan riots have joined the act with headlines like "Justin Bieber Causes Riot" falsely blaming the kid for other peoples rioting. People really need to get a life and leave this kid alone. He is only 16 and should not be bullied by people just because he is lucky. If people are going to bully him they should at least wait until he is an adult, in his mid 30s, drunk, and strung out on coke.

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