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Legal Name Changes-What most people don't know

Legal Name Changes-What most people don't know
Legal Name Changes-What most people don't know
Report #: 13556 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Wednesday, February 23, 2022
Status: Past Incident
Severity: Elevated - Smear Campaign
Primary Weapon: Other
Specific Location: Deland Florida
City/Local Area: Ocala
State/Territory: Florida
Region: United States

Movie Stars are known for changing their names legally. This has been commonplace among the Hollywood community since the 1920's. Hollywood agents usually help a star change their name so that it fits in with their image on screen.

Witness Protection Services provide relocation for those who testify in a high profile case. Sometimes the person's life may be in danger After trial. Therefore, the Government pays all relocation and name change expenses. Most times these changes keep the person and their family safe. However, nothing is full-proof.

It is quite common, when a women marries she takes her husbands last name. Changing last name after marriage is fairly simple. It is a matter of filling out forms, paying a fee, providing proof of residency and waiting for the court clerk to process your paperwork.

Aside from Government intervention or a name change due to a recent marriage, complete first and last name changes can sometimes be problematic and the Courts have full control weather or not to grant a complete name change.

What about someone looking to completely alter their identity by securing a new first and last name. The truth is that the process can be long, stressful and in many situations a Judge will not approve the name change.

In 2020, Ms. Vicky Seddaulas of Deland Florida found out this the hard way. Ms. Seddaulas never dreamed that filing an application with the Courts for a name change would result in "Fraud" charges.

The Courts investigate the background of anyone requesting a complete name change. The Court must make certain the person has nothing in their background such as shady behaviors, criminal charges, drugs, unpaid debts and other deragatory actions. If a person's intention is to change their name to 'start fresh' and wipe their "slate clean" you better think twice.

These actions constitute "Fraud" and the Courts take this very seriously. In gangster movies, bank robbers and pimps frequently change their names but this is real life.

If a Judge suspects "Fraud" on a petition for change of name, you could be charged with fraud and sentenced to Jail. Of course, the Courts will deny your name change request. Most would agree it isn't worth the risk.

Vicky Seddaulas had charges filed against her in 2020. She is still awaiting her fate by a Deland Florida Judge. Her request for name change naturally was denied.

If a person is looking to change their name because they have a shady past, unpaid debts, criminal convictions or they engaged in behavior that severely tarnished their reputation? I would say forget about changing your name. What most people don't know is that name changes of this type must go through the County Courts. The Magistrate Judge has final say weather or not he/or she grants a name change. This can be a long and very detailed process.

The first step when a person requests a name change is that the courts investigate the person requesting the name change thoroughly . The process involves searching databases, Court documents, arrest records, and the reputation of applicant and other related resources are considered.

If the courts find background information on the applicant that is derogatory or unlawful, the person seeking the name change can be charged with fraud. A person who is attempting to hide something about their past or they are trying to wipe the slate clean 'so to speak' should not attempt to legally change their name.

"Fraud' is a serious charge and no one needs that on their record. Therefore, name changes are not reserved for those attempting to escape their past, place the bad memories behind them and start a whole new life with no past blemishes.

Complete name changes may be granted if a person is in danger due to publicity involving one person/and or their family. In addition, a witness to a felony crime who testifies can place their life in danger. These are acceptable situations in which a Judge may grant a complete name change.

Changing one's name is a big decision that will forever change their lives. Now that you know how difficult it can be to change one's name, hopefully you will exercise caution before making decisions that can adversely affect your life and reputation.

Remember, Never attempt a name change to escape or forget your past. The Courts will uncover past crimes, behaviors or activities that will not weigh in your favor. The Judge will only reject the request and you can find yourself in more hot water.

Even if a person was successful in acquiring a new first and last name, there are many ways in which outsiders can gain access to the information. If you own a home, your new name will automatically be transferred on to the deed which is public record. In addition, your address and new name will appear on Municipal Tax Bills which are available for public view by any outsider willing to make the trip to your township tax office. If someone has your Social Security number they can easily access your IRS Tax records, Driving Profile and other personal data. New names don't come with new social security numbers. Old social numbers can lead to the discovery of a legal name change.

A stranger could mistakenly receive a piece of your mail if delivered to a wrong address. In a case such as this, your neighbor will know your new name immediately. All the trouble you went to in order to change your name. One simple delivery mistake can blow your cover and reveal your new name.

A new name change can prove to be awkward. What if children are involved ? They will have a different last name than the parent. How would all of this be explained? You may find that you now spend a good part of your life explaining your name change and the reasons behind the change. In an extreme case, a name change can cause an identity crisis for certain people. It may cause a person to feel disconnected from their family ancestry.

Finally, guard your birth name carefully. Live life by using moral boundaries and standards. Avoid conflict at all times. Never become involved with anyone that could cause you to tarnish your good name. Steer clear of shady people and shady activities. Spend money carefully. The last thing you want is your name appearing on a stack of overdue bills. Damaging your credit reputation could be as bad as damaging your 'good name'.

Never forget, a name change should never be used as an option as a 'fix all' for bad behavior, poor decisions and violating laws. New names and other identifying factors can be discovered quite easily.

We are assigned a name at birth. Most receive a Baptismal name when Christened. Therefore, to simplify your life you should plan on keeping your birth name until the day you die and pass on to the next world.

Every so often a person filing for a complete name change can be convicted of "Fraud". This comes about when the Judge reviews background data obtained that indicates the person wants a new name to erase mistakes of their past. Weather it be a conviction, arrest, mishandling money, theft, drug use, verbal threats, sex misconduct etc. These are all good reasons for a Judge to deny a name change request. In addition, Judges will use their discretion to determine if in fact "FRAUD" was committed. Fraud can lead to 24 months in county jail and fines between $10,000- $25,000.

Remember, in this advanced age of computer technology it is easier than ever to uncover information on just about anyone going back as far as 35 or more years. Surprisingly records can pop up involving incidents that the person thought was long gone. Archived record bureaus are becoming more popular. These bureaus can contain files going back to the day a person was born. Even what time and day they left hospital after birth may be found in archived records.

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