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Lesa Conway stalker much

Report #: 331 - 7 Comments
Date Reported: Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Severe - Cyberterrorism
Primary Weapon: Destruction of Data
Specific Location: Crestview
City/Local Area: Tallahassee
State/Territory: Florida
Region: United States

She has been stalking me and a bunch of other people using my pictures bullying everybody, she needs to be taking off the internet, she needs help putting people down, it's uncalled for please help us shut her down before somebody hurts their self because of what she has done or said

3/2/2012 -

I absolutely agree with you about this dangerous stalker Lesa Conway!! She goes by "HGM", "HollysGmom" or "NotJVM_HGM". She is a menace to society. Lesa Conway has already been held on a "Baker Act" at least one time (INVOLUNTARY PSYCHIATRIC HOLD). She is extremely UNSTABLE. Her own family is FED UP with her negative, destructive behavior.

3/5/2012 -

Is this the same Lesa Conway who is friends with Barbara Hastings and Michele Smith? I saw somewhere a bunch of screenshots of them stealing information and photos of others odd their Facebook accounts. Some accounts were even protected but they still got in. If you need the verification let me know and I will contact the person who has it. People are crazy and do not know when to stop. Watch out for the friends Lesa has. They are no better than her and do the same as she does to others, such as post personal phone numbers on the web, etc. Thank you for letting us know who to watch out for.

3/5/2012 -

I actually have proof that Lesa Conway has hacked secured accounts and stolen pictures and information. Have it right in a screenshot where she openly admits to having a program where she can hack accounts. Beware of her, Barbara Hastings, Michele Dawn Smitch, Sheila Monhallen Fritsch, and Granny Romo aka MawMaw Romo aka Granny Rpmp. They are all up to no good. All they are trying to do is get to Casey Anthony by any means possible and are hacking innocent people. Their ip addresses from home and cell phone needs to be banned from Facbook.

3/5/2012 -

That would be Michele Dawn Smith for the above comment. She also goes by Hammy Smith, Michele Smith, Dawn Smith, and a few others. Barbara Hastings also goes by Debra Sims, Anne something or other, and who knows what other ones the others go by. If Facebook would make it to where at least one person can only have one account and bump up the security then that'd be the best. There is also a Lisa Martin Spake who is in on the action as well.

3/5/2012 -

Anne Pruitt is Barbaras other profile.

5/22/2012 -

Wanna see Lesa's pathetic DUMP of a house?? LMAO!!

Google her trashy hovel:

804 Amos St.

Crestview, FL. 32539

Well well Lesa.....those graveyard shifts at a filthy old motel you "work" at doesn't pay too much, huh?!

5/22/2012 -

Lesa is a foul-mouthed, unstable, cruel, psychopathic slore who considers herself "friends" with her hero scumbag, Jose Baez. Hmmm...yeah right Lesa....just 'cuz you post on his public FB! LMAO!

She's part of the Baez Arse-Licker gang at thejbmission. Talk about your sick and cruel people over there!

Lots of disturbing rumours about the blog's owner, "jb". If anyone knows the identity of "jb" please post it.

"jb" is a truly mean, vile creature. Lesa uses "HollysGmom" over there. What an ironic screen name for her, as HGM's own daughter gave up on poor little Holly. SAD!!

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