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Marc Clapasson Illegally Accessed His Wife Email

Report #: 14579 - 1 Comment
Date Reported: Wednesday, January 4, 2023
Status: Past Incident
Severity: Elevated - Smear Campaign
Primary Weapon: Search Engines
Specific Location: Zug
City/Local Area: Zurich
State/Territory: Switzerland
Region: Europe

Marc Clapasson hired some private hacker to defame his ex wife and his family. Marc hired private hacker to defame and harass his ex wife Miriam Herweijer. Marc tempered with her emails once got access to derail her family from taking legal action against Jon Turnes & Marc Clapasson.

As per close friend of Miriam Herweijer, Marc used to physical and mental harass her for going against him. He hated the fact that his wife chose her family over him. Miriams father and brother were legally taking action against Marc Clapasson & Jon Turnes regarding RuverCap Investment fraud[Marc & Jon both defrauded RuverCap investors of millions].

Marc had used every evil method at getting back to Miriam and her family. Once he illegally accessed Miriams emails he then tempered many documents to favour/cloud his action and began threatening her. She wanted divorce from such abusive husband but he was not ready for alimony.

He now claims that her family is behind this offensive force. What a jerk and abusive person Marc Clapasson is ?

NOTE: Marc Clapasson is the founder of RuverCap Investment[now dissolved] firm with his buddy jon Turnes.

Ruvercap investment, its two co-founders, Marc Clapasson and Jon Turnes, as well as several people close to the group, including a former board member of Graubndner Kantonalbank, are the subject of a fraud and MoneyLaundering probe underway at attorney general's office in Zug. The suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty. The zurich attorney has also received separate complaints against Ruvercap.

Ruvercap investors waited for more than a year to receive any detailed information on the plight of their assets. Investment adviser Quantic Financial on Wednesday outlined the potential size loss they may have incurred by investing in Ruvercap funds.

Among the investors that have lost money with Ruvercap investments are cantonal banks, pension funds, family offices, wealth managers and Swiss private banks reported on it.

6/10/2023 -

Just read this article regarding the truth behind the 2 billions euros investment intention on Serbia.

It’s no surprise that Marc Clapasson new venture is being viewed with skepticism, given his previous track record. However, it’s worth examining the reasons behind the failure of his previous firm. One significant factor contributing to Ruvercap Investment AG’s downfall was Jon Turnes & Marc Clapasson inadequate knowledge on investing.

Read more here::

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