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Max Gentleman Male Enhancement SPAM from Russia

Max Gentleman Male Enhancement SPAM from Russia
Max Gentleman Male Enhancement SPAM from Russia
Report #: 202 - 7 Comments
Date Reported: Monday, July 11, 2011
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Low - Private Harassment
Primary Weapon: Email
Specific Location: Unknown
City/Local Area: Moscow
State/Territory: Russia
Region: Europe

Russians have been trying to convince me that I am a premature ejaculater whose penis is 1 to 3 inches too short and up to 20% too narrow by bombarding me with emails promoting Max Gentleman Male Enhancement Pills. These emails have been hitting me at least 3 times a day over the past 2 weeks at several of my webmaster accounts promising a 100% herbal solution that guarantees me a future of rock hard erections before directing me to pages full of naked men. I'm sorry Max Gentleman, but I'm not gay (not that there is anything wrong with that) and nothing helps keep a straight man flaccid more than images of hairy balls, c*cks, and tight briefs that should give the site a parental warning, but instead Max Gentleman decides to mislead visitors with an image of a partially naked attractive woman engaged in a heterosexual embrace at the top of the page with no warning of the gayness you will find when scrolling down.

Gayness of the pages aside what about men who may actually feel inadequate? What if the man they are trying to brainwash were insecure with himself, weak willed, and desperate to keep his girlfriend after noticing all the muscular black men she has friended on Facebook? That poor sucker would end up scammed out of hundreds of dollars in a scam that looks like Max Gentleman, but is also known as Herbal King, Dr. MaxMan, and several other aliases all used to rip people off.

To make matters worse these emails require more effort to block than most because each one comes from a different email address and different IP address. They also link to different URLs. Now I would make "Max Gentleman" a blocked keyword, but unlike most people I would no longer be able to answer emails from people visiting this site containing feedback for this article. At least I can say that I will never click on another Max Gentleman link again.

The IP addresses of the emails come from all over the world in places like Brazil, Czech Republic, and Romania. Likewise the servers of the sites selling the pills are all over the place mostly in the Czech Repubic, but also Tunizia, and South Korea. Even though they operate globally I am calling these sites Russian spam because they are all .ru domains and .ru means Russia.

The domain names linked to in the emails are as follows:

Due to lack of space IP addresses and email addresses will be posted in comments.

7/11/2011 -

Here is the first half of the email addresses:

7/11/2011 -

Here is the second half of the email addresses:

7/11/2011 -

Here is the first half of the IP addresses:

7/11/2011 -

Here is the second half of the IP Addresses:

7/11/2011 -

I recommend that anyone else getting harassed by a bunch of SPAM publish the email addresses of the perpetrators like I just did. It might not do much, but at least it will help the SPAM bots find them and send them so called deals on Male Enhancement Pills, Steroids, imitation watches, and porn.

7/18/2011 -

I have been getting this spam as well. What is most troubling about it is that it's coming to email addresses on my private .us domain which I HAVE ONLY USED ON A SINGLE SITE! Like many others, I use customized emails for different sites just for cases like this -- so I can figure out where the address was stolen from. In this cases, I am getting emails that I used on the Peeps site, a site called Thing Fling, and most troubling, an address I used for my local town's parks department.


7/18/2011 -

I am NOT getting it at generic addresses at my domain, like, which to me says that they are stealing mailing lists off servers. I use generic email forwarding, so the company that does the forwarding (zoneedit) cannot be involved. I know there was a bit time email theft a few months ago but these addresses were not among the companies who were involved.

BTW based on the large variety of places that this is coming from it would be appear to be getting sent by infected zombie machines. Any other theories? Here are my addresses from today: and

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