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My Story- Cyberstalking Darren Ambler Part two

My Story- Cyberstalking Darren Ambler Part  two
My Story- Cyberstalking Darren Ambler Part two
Report #: 13538 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Thursday, January 6, 2022
Status: Past Incident
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Investigative Services
Specific Location: Cherry Hill/ Camden County
City/Local Area: South Jersey
State/Territory: New Jersey
Region: United States

(Part 02/ Conclusion):

By: Victim of Cyberstalker*********

I will never fully understand why this happened. Of course, I will never understand someone with the mindset of Mr. Darren Ambler. Darren Ambler would be quite a challenge for the most skilled Psychiatrist. I'm thankful that the nightmare is over forever. I am very grateful I am surrounded by caring people and that I have Stability in my life. These are priceless commodities.

Some people spend their lives in turmoil, making bad decisions and never finding any happiness or stability which is sad, to say the least. Mr. Ambler is consumed with himself. All Mr. Ambler worries about is himself and how everything affects him. Must be a miserable existence.

From day one I never completely trusted Mr. Ambler. I caught him in a few lies early on. Then he attempted to manipulate the situation trying to make me think I was wrong and I overreacted. I should have ended the friendship then.

I don't care to elaborate on this issue. However, I will say that I would never have fixed Darren Ambler up with anyone that my wife or I knew. Mr. Ambler was not worthy of a refined lady with class and brains. Darren Ambler certainly proved that himself with his immoral and unacceptable behavior. Believe me, from my recollection none of the nice pretty girls had any interest in him. The kind of broads he gets is not the kind you bring home for your family to meet. They are not the kind that anyone would be interested in meeting.

As time passed, his behavior shifted and he began lying repeatedly I knew something was going on. Then the stalking /harassment occurred. Yes, he treated me badly. Ambler has never expressed any regret or sorrow about anything. Which proves he is a cold, calculating person void of normal feelings. Some of the horrible messages he wrote about me and sent them through Facebook messenger to others prove Mr. Ambler is a low-life sleazeball. There is nothing good or nice about Darren Ambler. My attorney showed me every Facebook message Ambler wrote. My attorney said that no one with any refinement would ever write crap like this. What Mr.Ambler wrote were things that some psycho from the gutter would write. Darren threatens people in an attempt to scare them off. Which is a very sleazy and unrefined way to handle things. Darren is sleazy and unrefined. I am glad I don't live in the insane world that Darren Ambler lives in. I don't know how he sleeps at night after some of the things he has done. The fact these things don't bother him shows he is not normal.

The Cyber issue, there are many proofs which I won't get into here. My attorney kept copies of everything. Some documents you can locate online. It was an absolute winnable case. I chose to settle just to get Mr. Ambler out of my life. I do feel Mr. Ambler is a waste going nowhere but down in life. I only associate with stable people that are interested in normal things. That excludes Darren for sure.

We have a new home and two great kids in college. Life is great now. My wife and I are social and we have frequent gatherings &cook-outs in the summer. Now when the kids go back to college we have to get used to the 'empty house syndrome' all over again.

The more detailed proofs my lawyer obtained in this case like the Facebook messenger messages from Ambler's account, the log info was too much to publish online. The IP Trace Information which was the smoking gun can be found online. If you're going to break the law by cyberstalking and harassing a person, don't be stupid and get caught. Mr. Ambler was wrong, stupid, and got caught. There is no argument Mr. Ambler could make to excuse what he did. End of story.

Darren Ambler put me through hell with his Facebook antics. However, my attorney said many times it was a no-win situation for Ambler. No matter how you look at it " we had Ambler by the "gonads". "Gonads" language Ambler can understand.

If we pursued the matter and went trial Mr. Ambler would have been called to testify. That would have been a total disaster for him. There is nothing he could have said to get him off the hook, there was too much evidence.

Mr. Ambler's personal life would have been brought to the Judge's attention which would have really hurt Mr. Ambler even more. My attorney had very embarrassing photos and documents that would have been presented in court had we proceeded with the case. It would have been amusing watching Mr. Ambler attempt to explain away the documents and photos.

Mr. Ambler tried so hard to hurt me however, in the end, his efforts backfired The only person he hurt was himself. Even though my attorney didn't proceed with my case, Mr. Ambler got away with nothing.

Darren Amber initially filed a complaint against me. I remember my attorney's exact words. He said ' this guy is either on drugs or just flew in from planet Venus'. He went on to say, that we had 40+ pages of proof that can prove Ambler committed Felony Cyberstalking/Harassment: but yet this Ambler files a complaint against you? He is either really dumb or maybe he wants to go to Jail?

As I said before, Darren Ambler would have been 'Crucified' in court.

I was raised completely differently than Mr. Ambler. Although my parents ended up getting divorced when I was about 22, I grew up with a lot of love in my family. In addition, my grandparents were great. I was never afraid to express my feelings. I will admit this even though it's hard. Early on, I did care about Mr. Ambler as a friend/ brother. That changed dramatically over time. I feel there are so many things he lacks on an emotional level. He is clueless about life.

Regardless, what he did to me is inexcusable and I am sure he treats others badly also. His self-centered attitude always bothered me. His whole life is about himself. Darren Ambler is a very troubled person. The truth is he really believes he is normal. Which is scary. There is nothing normal about Mr. Ambler. This is another example of the kind of person you are dealing with. I am thoughtful and caring. Mr. Ambler doesn't know the meaning of those two words. I look back now and I could kick myself for getting involved with a nut.

Summary Conclusion: My best advice, be careful about making friends with questionable individuals. If you suspect you're being Cyberbullied and Harassed online, don't wait to take immediate and swift action.

I know not everyone can afford a "High Priced" attorney. However, you can contact your County Prosecutor's office for advice. My buddy Rob runs the Computer Crime division at the Prosecutor's Office- within the County in which I used to live. He was helpful in guiding me on what steps to take concerning Cyberstalking.

Cyberstalking is about control, revenge, jealousy, & taking out personal frustrations on the victim. Very abnormal and dangerous behavior. Keep in mind cyberstalking is a Class C Felony.

Mr. Ambler dodged a bullet. Next time he may not be so lucky. He better think before he acts in the future. My attorney said many times that it is pathetic when someone that is supposed to be a mature adult can't handle a Facebook account in a responsible & mature matter. I doubt Mr. Ambler is capable of doing anything in a responsible manner.

I hope my summary and statements explain things. I guess it was time to post my story here. Hope this helps others who are being Cyberbullied by a former friend or possible stranger.

The Document that Appears at the top right of this article is a Summary Conclusion of this case drafted by my Attorney. I believe this document is available online.

Mr. Pat R**********

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