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Nadire Atas of Toronto Arrested on Cyber Harassment Charges

Nadire Atas of Toronto Arrested on Cyber Harassment  Charges
Nadire Atas of Toronto Arrested on Cyber Harassment Charges
Report #: 6503 - 9 Comments
Date Reported: Wednesday, February 10, 2021
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Elevated - Smear Campaign
Primary Weapon: Articles
Specific Location: Jail
City/Local Area: Toronto
State/Territory: Ontario
Region: Canada

Nadire Atas of Toronto, Ontario was arrested this week on several charges of harassment, libel, and spreading false information with intent to alarm via the internet. I am writing this article as a likely victim of hers whose time has been wasted responding to what appear to be her posts on a website that I own. I discovered those posts recently while visiting my website and noticed that one of the people posted there was someone that I had spoken to a couple months earlier about similar postings that a search engine of mine had indexed. A few days later that person sent me a link to an article she wrote and I instantly recognized the subject of that article as the subject of recent posts on my website.

In late November of 2020 I received am email from New York Times reporter Kashmir Hill stating that some content on the Foul Speakers search engine ( contained some rather nasty accusations against her. I don't normally respond to such complaints, but unlike most owners of sites like mine I have worked with the media many times over the years, so I spoke with her for a couple of hours. She said that she believed that she knew who was responsible for the posts and that it was somebody with a history of smearing people online, but did not say who her suspect was. I told her that she was probably on the right track and that in my opinion it was probably someone she had written about. If the allegations against Atas are true then it looks like I was pretty close. It wasn't somebody she had written about, but it was allegedly someone that she was planning to write about and knew that whatever she would write would not make her look good. Then I did not hear from Kashmir for a couple of months and thought she probably killed the story until I received a follow up email from her yesterday that said "Sorry for the long delay in following up. I was working on this story which is what led to those posts about me:"

When clicking on the link I recognized the featured image as someone whose picture had recently been posted on Post Almost Anything ( with the text "Guy Babcock Paedophile" written on his picture ( It is difficult to forget text like that, plus when those articles were posted on PAA I recognized Kashmir as one of the people the author was ranting about. The postings were written in the days following the New York Times article, but I did not know about the article until yesterday, so I wasn't in a position to realize that they were probably the work of Nadire Atas being pissed off by the article. Now I am worried that Kashmir might think that I posted them, butt hurt about her not mentioning me in her article after I took the time to answer her questions for so long. That is not the case and I believe that the following information proves that I am not the author:

IP Address:

Email Address: opalrayden[at]

Email Address: newtontory6[at]

That IP address was used by someone in Toronto when signing up for PAA under the user names financial and tonybund. The first email address was used to create the financial account and the other was used to create the tonybund account. It would not surprise me if that data matches information that the Toronto Police already have about Atas and that at some point in the discover process it becomes publicly available so my claim can be verified. I already know that the website Gossip Blaze eagerly snitched her out by sending her data to people for use as evidence, so the TPD probable has plenty to make their case already. Unfortunately for them I am not a snitch, so I will not be communicating with them or any other law enforcement agency in this matter. They would have to put me on the stand to testify about this to use it against her at trial because otherwise it is considered hearsay and is not admissible as evidence in a court of law. I have a reputation to uphold as an anti-police activist ( and under no circumstances will I provide material support to terrorist organizations that call themselves police departments.

The financial and tonybund accounts are pending suspension at this time. I am leaving them up at the moment so people can see the posts that I am talking about in this article. Those accounts will be suspended in a few days tops. At that point all of the articles associated with those accounts will no longer be visible on the site. The accounts are not being suspended because the New York Times and the Toronto Police claim that they are the works of a serial liar. They are being suspended because the author did a horrible job of faking social media screenshots. Images such as this one were poorly doctored in a half assed attempt to make them look like they came from the social media accounts of prominent people including Kashmir Hill, Donald Trump, and Vladimir Putin. No matter whose account the author claims they came from the user name in the screenshots all say "Chris Pollock." Such obvious fakes are nowhere close to being anything that a reasonable person could take seriously as an authentic screenshot. For that reason this user is in violation of the PAA Terms of Use (

Why isn't Kashmir Hill's article enough to make me remove the accounts? Because the New York Times is part of the mainstream press and I have witnessed the mainstream press report false information countless times over the years. For that reason I do not consider mainstream media outlets like the New York Times, CNN, NBC, etc. to be credible. I will admit that they can be more reliable than anonymous internet users sometimes, but not nearly often enough for me to believe anything they say just because I read it in the New York Times. I always tell people that the best way to stop disinformation on the internet from harming anyone's reputation is for people to stop believing what they read online. If people consider all the fake news that the mainstream press churns out on a regular basis before deciding to believe what they read then nobody would be able to inflict any tangibly significant damage on anyone's reputation using the internet. All people need to do is remember to ask themselves: "Am I a Dumbass?" Before treating information from the internet as credible and remember that if the answer to that question is "no" that they can't believe what they read.

The failure of society to scrutinize online information in the aforementioned manner is why I don't feel bad for not babysitting my users. As an ex-con that lost years of my life due to a vindictive prosecution, I know better than most that time is a valuable thing that once lost can never be recovered. When someone like this user wastes my time I too become a victim of their actions. I lost time today that I could have spent doing better things. Things like developing an automated removal solution for my search engines or adding missing features to PAA such as the ability to rate, like, and message other users directly none of which is currently possible because the site is not finished. That is why it is necessary to charge fees for reputation management services because it converts content moderation from a cost pool to a revenue pool. It is necessary to make any level of user baby sitting economically viable. Rates are high at the moment to control demand until more efficient automated solutions are implemented. That is why I only try to sell them to people during 50% off sales three or four months out of the year because that is when I have time to provide those services.

Guy Babcock on VICE

2/10/2021 -

This Twitter account also appears to be the work of Nadire Atas. All it tweets are links to posts accusing Guy Babcock, Kashmir Hill, and others of various wrongdoings. I posted a link to this article as a reply to one of the tweets.

2/10/2021 -

This looks like a Facebook profile of hers where she uses a decades old picture for her profile. If you look closely you'll notice similarities in facial structure.

2/10/2021 -

This is her "official" Twitter account using the same 30 plus year old picture as her Facebook profile. Posted a link to this article as a reply to her last tweet.

2/10/2021 -

Here is a LinkedIn account created under her name using the same ancient photo

2/11/2021 -

Here is her Pinterest page

2/11/2021 -

Accounts likely linked to Nadire Atas are scheduled for suspension in the near future

2/11/2021 - confirmed today that the IP address above is the same address that they turned over to the Toronto Police that led to the arrest of Nadire Atas. The only way I could have gotten that exact IP was by checking the IP addresses used to create posts under those accounts on my site. Here is a screenshot of the response from Gossip Blaze

4/7/2021 -

Got word from one of the people she has been blasting online that she is up to her old tricks again. Seems the search engine at Foul Speakers picked up some posts about people not already on block lists and those needed to be removed.

5/9/2021 -

This article has been updated to include a video from VICE featuring a screenshot of this article. The story is narrated by one of Nadire Atas' victims Guy Babcock. He talks about how he learned about a bunch of false accusations against him that she had posted, how other people reacted to it inappropriately, and how hard it was to clear his name.

We think that this story really shows why people need to stop believing what they read on the internet.

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