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New Research Publications-Cyber Stalking-Approach Affects

New Research Publications-Cyber Stalking-Approach  Affects
New Research Publications-Cyber Stalking-Approach Affects
Report #: 14578 - 2 Comments
Date Reported: Saturday, November 12, 2022
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Other
Specific Location: Chicago Metro-Area
City/Local Area: Chicago
State/Territory: Illinois
Region: United States

November 11, 2022

Published by: Prof Jarvis:

Location: Chicago, Illinois:

I will be publishing two new research papers on the following:

Research Publication #01-The Cyber-Stalker" A Dangerous Game that the Victim can Surely Win".

This paper was researched by two of my assistants and myself. The time and effort these two individuals put into the project will earn them additional college credits.

This publication stresses the importance of stopping a Cyber-Bully in their tracks.

Research Publication #02: "The Long Term Affects a Cyber-Bully Victim may Suffer": This paper focuses not only on Identifying and Taking proper action against the cyberbully: This publication focuses on the Psychological affects that many victims suffer following a Cyber-Stalking incident. Which is an area that was not given a great deal of consideration until now.


*Never ignore any form on on line Stalking and/or Harassment:

*Report these actions at once:

*Never attempt to communicate with your stalker.


*Cyber Stalkers are mentally defective individuals/ you can't reason with them:

*On line stalkers usually have poor social skills and they almost always have a history of relationship


*Stalkers live to control and intimidate their victims.

*They are insecure- lonely and maladjusted but can cause great harm.

*Cyber Bullies show no emotion and appear disconnected from reality and quite shallow.

*Cyber Stalkers have no sense of reason and appear to lack self-control.

* In reality, stalkers are isolated-pitiful human beings that crave attention.

*89.3% of Cyber Bullies are unbalanced emotionally and get worse over time.

*Research studies indicate 73% of stalkers exhibit Pathological tendencies.

*Cyber Bullies find it impossible to separate fantasy from reality.

*Between 67%-71.8% of on line stalkers have problems with intimacy, pornography, drugs etc.

*58% of stalkers suffer from sexual obsession and many turn to the sex trade.

*Research from three Universities indicate that 77.2% of cyber bullies have addiction problems.

*Copies of these drafts will be posted shortly.

Thanking all viewers for their support:

Prof Paul Jarvis:

Student contributors: Rose-Mary Celico

Kristy Vance:

11/12/2022 -

I would be interested in reading your research studies on this serious problem.

2/15/2023 -

Interesting article Professor. I know stalkers lack emotion and they are anti-social and lonely creatures. That is what makes these predators so dangerous. They commit harassment online and violate computer laws. After the evil deed is done, these misplaced control freaks have no remorse or after thought. Their absence of emotion and feelings for others make it easy for them to stalk and harass innocent victims.


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