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Officer Damien Broschart /NJ

Report #: 6498 - 2 Comments
Date Reported: Thursday, December 17, 2020
Status: Past Incident
Severity: Low - Private Harassment
Primary Weapon: Text Messaging
Specific Location:
City/Local Area: Decatur
State/Territory: Illinois
Region: United States

Officer Damien Broschart is the New Jersey Cop that tried to get an 18 year old girl that he previously arrested to meet him after hours for some fun in the "Bedroom". First of all, on a personal note his present girl friend needs to ditch this liar cheat. The only kind of girl that would stay with some one like this is someone that has no self worth or respect for themselves. They need to "Ditch" this guy like yesterday.

I believe this Cop was arrested and suspended from his duties. I believe this charge is so serious that the only solution is to strip him of his Badge and his Profession. all of us make mistakes but this is just serious to "give this Cop another chance". You must begin to wonder how many others that committed crimes got off scott free because they had Sex with this Cop. This is something the Police Force and Public may never know.

This is disturbing because there may be criminals out there just looking for another opportunity to commit a crime due to the fact that they got away with it the first time after meeting Officer Broschart for some fun in the Hay. That is a scary prospect. The next crime they commit could cost someone their life or scar them for life all because of Officer "Hot Pants".

Actions such as this can cause Scandal in the Police Force. In addition, actions such as these can sometimes cause corruption, distrust of the Police and possible Cover Ups among Officers. It is "Bad" no matter no matter how you look at it.

Only speculation on my part however, this Cop could have a Sex disorder and/or Pornography addiction. I doubt this Officer was seeking "Respectable Sex " from these Ladies. Immorality, Indiscriminate Sex, Overlooking Crimes, Risking possible Pregnancy and Spread of Disease are all things that contribute to the Moral Decay of Society. This is the reason the Cop can never be given another chance. Once "Trust" is Violated" the game is over.

A Cop has no right to lessen or withdraw charges against someone that broke the law because he manipulated the person into a Sex act. Usually in situations like this it is not about Love or Feelings. It is about inappropriate probably Pornographic Sex acts and fulfilling some sick Fantasy. I agree, this is dangerous and it can lead to Violence, Threats, Bribes and total breakdown of the Legal System in the United States.

Officers are Sworn in, they take an Oath and they are expected to abide by the rules and standards of conduct set forth by the Police Force. Once Violations occur then one must prepare for the Consequences. This Officer made a choice no one twisted his arm. Correction, there may have been the "Twisting of Arms"among other things during an intimate act.

I actually give credit to the 18 year old that turned the Cop in to Police. She could have said "Yes" to this Cop. Yes could have be followed by some "Dirty Sex" and having her charges dismissed and her slate cleaned. This 18 year old may have broke the law but the fact that she did not give into temptation and she turned the Cop in tells me that she has some decency and moral fiber. More moral fiber than Officer Broschart has.

I am sure Internal Affairs has their hands full at this time. Possibly this incident could cause the screening process for want to be Police Officers to become more stringent in order to eliminate non suitable candidates. A person can have other motives for becoming an "Officer of the Law' motives other than to "Protect and Serve".

A bit of sarcasm to lighten the mood. Maybe this Officer should seek employment as an escort or Chippendale Dancer. Obviously a career as an Policeman is just too tempting for him. My guess is ego, hormones, control and possibly a Psychological Problem all played a role in this very incident. A sex addiction or Pornography obsession can only get worse over time.

I do think Cops need to be "Monitored" more closely especially Officers that have just been sworn in. I have to admit this Cop is quite attractive on the surface. I am sure it is difficult not to give in to sexual temptation when in his presence. I don't know if I could resist. I think in the end I would do the morally correct thing and say "NO".

I plan on keeping a close eye on this case. I can update my post as soon as additional information on this case becomes available. In many respects it is shame. This Handsome Officer placed his Career and Reputation in Jeopardy all over some "excitement" and "Thrills" that really only lasts a few seconds. He needs to think with his brain not with what he has between his legs.

12/17/2020 -

It is a shame . This Officer is a very good looking and kind of sexy guy. He ruined his career and possibly a good part of his life. He needs to fess up to his mistakes, take his punishment and move on. Honesty is the best policy. He is young and I am sure he can re build his life. I do hope that no dangerous criminals are on the streets because of this guy.

3/13/2021 -

This Cop brought this on himself. We don't need officers like this on Police payroll. Even the slick cops get caught eventually. Im sure this conduct was going on for a while.

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