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Part two Analysis of Darren Ambler- Cyber Stalking Book

Part two Analysis of Darren Ambler- Cyber Stalking  Book
Part two Analysis of Darren Ambler- Cyber Stalking Book
Report #: 14598 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Saturday, October 14, 2023
Status: Past Incident
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: IP Tracing
Specific Location: Cherry Hill NJ/ Camden County
City/Local Area: South Jersey
State/Territory: New Jersey
Region: United States


Posted October 14, 2020

Posted by: Lauren Lucas


Mr. Ambler is obviously setting his children up for future embarrassment, humiliation as well as developing psychological problems of their own all because of a selfish and mentally unstable father. This behavior can be proven. Mr. Ambler's behavior is apparently documented all over the Internet. Apparently, Darren Ambler never disputed these accusations. Actually, Darren Ambler has posted replies and even admitting to his indecent sexual lifestyle with unsavory women with questionable morals. Mr. Ambler apparently is aware that much was written about his sexual lifestyle on the Internet. It is assumed these statements were made by former lovers, one night stands and paid prostitutes that Mr Ambler admitted to paying. Tell me what normal person with any decency acts the way in which Darren Ambler does? Therefore, it is not surprising that someone so mentally unstable and self absorbed would Cyber Stalk another person. Actually, it makes it all the more believable that such a screwed up person would act in this manner.

Darren Ambler obviously has no breeding or self-worth. These values normally comes from ones childhood. Not much is known about Darren Ambler's childhood. His abnormal behavior may be the result of an unstable childhood. However, up to this point no one really knows what occurred in Mr. Ambler's childhood.

This book clearly points out that after all the trouble Darren Ambler caused his former friend and his family with the on line stalking, that Mr. Ambler NEVER denied Cyber Stalking this person. Which maybe even Darren Ambler realized at some point that it would be pointless denying that he Cyber Stalked his friend.

So much PROOF exists that Mr. Ambler deliberately Cyber Stalked his former friend. Denying the stalking would only make Darren Ambler look like a LIAR even more. In addition, denying that he stalked his former friend (the author of this book) could have had legal ramifications if the case was pursued in court. Lying in court in front of a sitting judge is something you NEVER want to do. Darren Ambler probably lies constantly because he was a proven compulsive liar. However, when it comes to a court of law Mr. Ambler may know better than taking that chance.

The book gives excellent examples of how the law views Cyber Stalkers. In addition, this book clearly explains the ramifications and serious punishment the Cyber Bully can face if found guilty. If it were me probably would have followed through with my case if I were the person that was stalked here namely Darren Ambler's former friend.

Having a skilled lawyer is key when putting together a Cyber Stalking case. It is clear the attorney the victim chose in this stalking incident was skilled, knew exactly what he was doing and would have made certain Darren Ambler was found GUILTY if they would have pursued the case in court. I researched this particular attorney and his background. I must agree, I feel this guy would have made minced meat out of Darren Ambler in court. The author points out in Chapters 2-5 and 8 that Mr. Darren Ambler has NO DEFENSE in this matter. The evidence is clear and concise and Darren Ambler is a known Internet abuser. In addition, Mr. Ambler and the former friend had a bad falling out. Darren Ambler was clearly out for revenge. In addition, Mr. Ambler felt by trying to hurt and cause pain for his former friend that it would clearly take focus off of what Darren Ambler was doing (his lifestyle, the drugs, the lying and the many paid prostitutes). Call it what you wish. Darren Ambler has referred to his paid sex partners as Dome's. Anyone would agree that anyone who accepts money for sex is nothing more than a PROSTITUTE. Had this Cyber Stalking incident gone before a judge, all of Darren Ambler's secret sex life and the paying for sex services would have been heard in front of a sitting judge. The victim states in this book that his attorney was ready to expose Mr. Ambler for what he was in front of a sitting judge if they went to court.

No judge would look kindly on someone behaving in that manner especially if they had children which unfortunately Mr. Ambler has children. It is unfortunate for the children to end up with a parent like Darren Ambler. What can someone in Mr. Ambler's frame of mind possibly teach a child? Nothing useful. Most parents raise their children with moral and ethical beliefs. How can Darren Ambler raise a child with strong moral principle when Mr. Ambler has none at all. Paying for sex is not moral or ethical. PERIOD. Again this is another example of an extremely self-centered- self absorbed person- YES Darren Ambler is obviously that person.

The book clarifies that the former friend and his attorney were well aware of Darren Ambler's inappropriate sexual lifestyle long before they went to court for the initial hearing. The two parties did appear in court on two occasions before the case was ultimately dropped. It takes a great deal of nerve for Darren Ambler to even show up in court after what he did to the victim in this case. Mr. Ambler had ZERO DEFENCE, HE WAS 100% GUILTY, (40+ PAGES OF EVIDENCE DOCUMENTS WERE IN THE ATTORNEY'S POSSESSION)-- Mr. Ambler is not a very nice person to begin in addition to what he did to his former friend. Mr. Ambler would have been HUMILIATED in court to say the least. Another example of how Mr. Ambler is operating with a severely diminished mind capacity. These were quotes from the former friend attorney taken directly from this book.

Remember- Cyber Bullying is a FELONY Computer Crime. A very serious act. If anything this book should serve as a deterrent to anyone thinking of getting revenge against another via computer. Also, even first offenses will come with mandatory jail time.

The reason that the former friend gave in this book as to why he and his attorney dropped the case. I guess I see where he was coming from. The victim says he was so sick of dealing with someone like Darren Ambler. He quoted in this book that Darren Ambler is a loser- terribly unbalanced and screwed up in the head- a sick human being addicted to so many things I won't mention- he is a sad case. A miserable lost soul. Taking drugs, paying for sex, living with all those lies he tells THIS is one sick dude- The former friend goes on to say that He has a life---he is a husband and father and lives a busy life. They had a trip planned to Rome for the month of June. Went on to say that he has better things to do than waste money and time in court with Darren Ambler who is so beneath himself and most people that he did not want to lower himself again by even being in Darren Ambler's presence. He said at one point that Darren Ambler repulses him so much that he can't even look tat Darren Ambler in the face. Maybe the former friend was just way too decent and normal to be associated with Darren Ambler. I don't know this person but maybe it's true.

Also, the attorney for the former friend states in the book that absolutely Darren Ambler would have served serious jail time had they finished the case in court. Which would mean that his client (the victim) would have had to appear in future hearings for Darren Ambler once he was convicted. The victim says he wanted to be rid of Darren Ambler for good. Therefore, it appears the attorney and victim agreed to drop and end the case. However, the attorney has a stiff warning for Darren Ambler in this book.

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