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Person who Posted Photos of Mindy Murray & young daughter

Person who Posted Photos of Mindy Murray & young daughter
Person who Posted Photos of Mindy Murray & young daughter
Report #: 4447 - 1 Comment
Date Reported: Monday, December 23, 2019
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Elevated - Smear Campaign
Primary Weapon: Comment Boards
Specific Location:
City/Local Area: South Jersey
State/Territory: New Jersey
Region: United States

Could not help but to reply here after reading about this Darren Ambler and posts related to his behaviors which contain photos of possibly his children or someone's children. First of all, this man from what I read is notorious and has done some terrible Immoral and degrading acts. It seems his attitude is cocky and arrogant, which ,means he has no regret for any thing he has done to other people no matter how badly he harmed them.

For many months now, Mr. Ambler's former partner Miss Mindy Murray's photo as well as some very unflattering derogatory comments have appeared on several web sites. Some of the articles were cut and pasted from other web sites with a few word changes and modifications. Strangely though, the cut and pasted articles were taken from articles written about Mr. Darren Amber. Lets see? who would do a thing like that?

It seems Darren Ambler no matter how immoral or cruel he is just can not get over Miss Murray. Talk about posting photos with children. On several of these cheating web sites, photos of Miss Murray were posted with her young daughter right by her side. Which is exploitation and unfair to the small child. However, that did not stop the one whom posted this. Darren Ambler must learn that if you lash out at people, degrade them, call them filthy names and try to hurt them publicly that the possibility exists that the same may be done to you one day. Also, posting photos of Miss Murray's daughter is a low down and cruel thing to do. People are tired of hearing about Darren Ambler's issue with these posts and photos. Mr. Ambler brought this on himself. No one twisted his arm to live a life of Immorality, Drugs, Graphic Sex and what ever else he may do. Posting photos of Miss Murray's young daughter is just as wrong as posting photos of Mr. Ambler's children or who ever children they are in these photos.

It is pretty evident whom posted the photos of Miss Murray and her daughter. Without naming names we can safely say it is a sick, jealous person who can not take rejection and has a obsession with sex, drugs and pornography. The public is sick of hearing about injustices done to Darren Ambler with these photos. Mr. Ambler willingly posted the photos of these children on other web sites months ago. He basically started the photo issue. Most rational people with common sense would not publish photos of their children openly on the Web for the world too see. The person knows who they are (the one who posted Mindy Murray photo with khloe). Grow up and act like a human being. If you dish it out then be prepared to deal with whatever consequence may result.

This whole issue is so immature, a waste of time and completely un necessary. The person who posted Khloe's photo more than once on various web sites is just as guilty as whomever posted Darren Ambler's photo with the children. Lets grow up , get some mental help and act like a mature person instead of a high school kid who was jilted by her first boyfriend. Listed below is one of the many web sites where the young child's photo was posted along with her mother.

12/29/2019 -

This post looks like a much better way of responding to people posting pictures of kids to get back at some adult associated with them. Just by calling them out for being the kind of people that would use kids like that is far better than doing other things like finding pictures of their kids and posting them. By putting them on blast you can occupy the moral high ground by not stooping to their level. Then you can say something like, "he or she posted pictures of kids on a STD Registry to get back at their dad, but I am not going to stoop to that, by the way here is his or her name."

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