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Philly Dom Lauren Giunta the Stalker of Darren Ambler

Philly Dom Lauren Giunta the Stalker of Darren Ambler
Philly Dom Lauren Giunta the Stalker of Darren Ambler
Report #: 12527 - 4 Comments
Date Reported: Saturday, December 18, 2021
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Cross Site Stalking
Specific Location: 42 west hotter st
City/Local Area: Philadelphia
State/Territory: Pennsylvania
Region: United States

I received more emails recently that I, Darren Ambler am once again repeatedly beng libeled, slandered and harassed by this insane Philadelphia hooker and Dominatrix Lauren

It's been going on since 2015. I'm not here to give her a taste of her own medicine so to speak, but to take my power back. And to expose all of her lies and psychotic behavior and to clear my name and to set the record straight.

She has been harassing and stalking me for years. She's tried to blame her psycho actions on other people (who I don't even know) and she keeps doing so. Once again, I Darren Ambler state that I do not know a Bianca, Meg, Beth or Jen. I do not know any of them. I ever met or been associated with any of those girls in any way. Lauren Giunta is the only person I've not only ever done an s&m session with but has also ever met. Despite all of her outrageous horrid lies and stories about me that she's created I'm not that familiar with that scene at all.

She was my first and only introduction to the s&m world. Any post, or comment or anything you may read about me here or anywhere at all is completely false it's all libel and was done by Lauren Giunta. After all of these years this pathetic, psycho crazy desperate cow is still obsessed with me and insanely PO'ed that I rejected her. Some facts about Giunta and our past: I only did two sessions with Lauren and hung out with her a few times outside of that. Nothing more. We didn't "date". She was just a sometimes occasional lousy screw that I used a few times. She pursued me desperately from the start.

She told me the moment I walked into the door when I first met her that I looked like her ex boyfriend who she's had a thing for for years. (Creepy) She asked me on Day 1 to meet my kids too (SUPER creepy and hell no!). She even initiated sex in our session which I found out later isn't supposed to happen at all. Dommes do not have sex with their clients and (especially they don't give rimjobs!) but Giunta certainly breaks those rules. Hey, I'm a man and I have needs, ok? (And I love big, chunky, fluffy women who will let me do whatever. And she really loves ATM and eating ass too and that's rare to find.)

Lauren Giunta threw herself at me and chased after me relentlessly and tbh, it felt nice. I didn't realize at first that it wasn't so much my charms and great looks and money, but it's because she is incredibly desperate, unstable, lonely, and was dumped by her husband and completely terrified to be alone. She has no friends and no man wants that. I didn't want to pursue anything with her because I don't want a commitment at all ever and especially from an unstable, desperate, lying addict like herself. Not to mention her horrible hygiene. And yeah, she's not the kind of girl you want on your arm in public, ya know?

So when I cut off our "thing" she went bat shit psycho bitch crazy. Super crazy and she even scared me so much to a point that I went to the police twice. (Thank you for all you do anyway, but thank you Detectives from District 14!) She blew up my phone, cyber bullied and me and threatened my job constantly until she got me canned. She sent my boss my private pictures (that she non stop begged me for!) and the very graphic sexual emails we exchanged because I believed my privacy was being respected by a trustworthy professional. I had no idea.

She even created fake text messages and emails pretending to be me making false "threats" against her. Some of these fake accounts she made were straight up impersonating me. At one point there were 16 Facebook accounts named Darren Ambler with my pictures. She even messaged on FB (and also emailed) my kids teachers. One girl I was dating back on '16 received nasty messages on FB just because she tagged me in photo. As you can see here on this site, she would constantly put up libelous slander posts with pictures of my kids!

Yeah, Giunta is extremely deranged and has too much time on her hands. As for her involvement with this " Jose Torres "Joey the player" and Brian" the sex worker stalker fellows I don't know that much about that aside from the fact she laughed about the situation to me a few times. She told me she thought all the online drama these two guys started and all those girls getting raped, robbed and beat up

was funny (Sick. Very sick).It doesn't surprise me at all that she gotinvolved with him and told him to assault other girls, especially her competitors.

They don't get into Brian as he wasn't arrested but here is Torres:

This crazy vile broad Lauren Giunta has other "jobs" since she's a failure as a "sex worker". (Oh and aside from being a badly disgraced and flop failed "Dominatrix" you can find her "BBW escort ads sometimes on as "Symphony Ravenclaw the "Gothic BBW escort" ( She's big and white but definitely NOT beautiful lol). She is specializing in ATM and giving rim jobs- her favorite all time fetish- (tbh tho her rimjobs she gives are really fantastic but I digress)

But since she can't support herself fully in sex work due to her looks, obesity and deceptive advertising practices she also drives for Lyft and Uber. And she's a delivery person for InstaCart too. Do you want this crazy lunatic of a psycho coming to your home?! Absolutely not!

Contact Lyft, Uber and Instacart and tell them to fire this psycho. She's way more than a liability.

Lauren: STOP with your lies. STOP harassing me and my loved ones. And Stop trying to blame all you have done to me (and to countless others) on innocent strangers that I don't know. Leave me alone. I never liked you nor did I even pretend to. You were just a lousy screw. Obey the restraining order I got against you. I know I'm the best you could ever try to have but please give it up and LEAVE ME ALONE. Get some medicine and tons of psychiatric help.

12/18/2021 -

Your the stalker Ambler you lousy ugly no good immoral pig.

12/22/2021 -

Hi lauren Giunta! did the voices in your head tell you all of these fantasies? Just because YOU post slanderous lies and false fantasies about me and of course all those other people DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE. Tell yourself and all of the voices in your head that. You are a clinically diagnosed severely delusional paranoid schizophrenic. And borderline personality disorder as well.You are a multiple diagnosed severely mentally ill prostitute who stalks and harasses innocent people relentlessly.

12/22/2021 -

Cont'd. A person does not have to be a shrink to read the garbage you write about people to see that you are very obviously clinically insane. Take your court ordered medication and obey your psychiatrists before you piss someone off so bad that you end up getting badly hurt.

Looks like you keep trying to get me kicked off sites and suspended because the truth exposing you is scaring you. It's amazing how many people you have pissed off with your psychosis, your jealousy and drama and your lies.

Once again I will remind you: YOUR JOBS ARE ILLEGAL. 👮‍♂️🚔

12/26/2021 -

Talking about a psychiatrist? If Darren Ambler really believes he is sane and his behavior is normal then there is nothing else to say.. If he really believes he is sane then there is absolutely NO HOPE FOR HIM. I'm afraid the excessive drug use, the untreated infection raging through his body infecting every organ including his brain and his own Narcissism has rendered him 110% Certifiably Insane and beyond hope... 50,000 Volts to the brain won't help him. He fell off the Crazy wagon with no hope of return. Untreated Syphilis drove Al Capone INSANE. It's done the same here.

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