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Predators Watch Owner Scott Breitenstein of Dayton Ohio

Predators Watch Owner Scott Breitenstein of Dayton Ohio
Predators Watch Owner Scott Breitenstein of Dayton Ohio
Report #: 5463 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Sunday, April 12, 2020
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Elevated - Smear Campaign
Primary Weapon: Original Websites
Specific Location: 29 Bidleman Street
City/Local Area: Dayton / Springfield
State/Territory: Ohio
Region: United States owner Scott Breitenstein makes any type of predator look like a predatory sex offender. I found this out after I sued him for trademark and copyright infringement in 2016. I had gone to prison for threatening a stalker that had endangered the safety of my family. While I was there, Scott Breitenstein of Dayton, Ohio launched a pair of websites that copied most of their material from my original website and presented themselves as if they were part of my organization. After I filed the lawsuit, a profile of me appeared on

The profile itself features my full name and my police mugshot, but that is the end of the accurate information. The phone number listed as mine is one that I have never used. The same goes for the email address. I had gone some time without mentioning this because it wasn't until recently that this page started creeping up in my Google results. Now people looking for me will probably make angry phone calls and send angry emails to people that have nothing to do with me.

At first glance, looks like a sex offender website, but upon further review any reasonable person would conclude that it is formatted to make anyone that does anything arguably predatory look like a sexual predator. I happen to be in a unique situation that empowers me to speak out about this. I am considered a public figure and I was the subject of a high profile criminal prosecution. The motive behind the prosecution was not the law I broke, but what motivated my stalker to target me. Her motive was what the government alleged were predatory business practices. As such I am in a hard position to say as a matter of fact that the report is false even thought the business practices were ruled by the court as legal. The position of the court was that although legal it could not condone it. If asked if the practices were predatory U.S. District Judge Marco Hernandez would probably say that the practices are not legally predatory but that in his personal opinion they are predatory in general. Anyone that agrees with him has a right to their opinion, so if they want to call me a predatory business person they have the right to do that. My problem is not if someone chose to exercise that right.

My problem is that Breitenstein formats his website to make every allegedly predatory business person look like a predatory sex offender. My profile does not offer any explanation beyond "active" predator. It should at least say that I am on there for allegedly predatory business practices and not sexual practices. The same would be the case if I ran a payday loan business and someone were to create a profile calling me a predatory lender. Since the site also features predatory sex offender, Breitenstein should distinguish between sexual predators and those that are allegedly predatory in other ways.

Below my profile there is collection of links to other profiles with images under the heading "Convicted Sex Offenders." This is clearly intended to imply that anyone listed on might be a convicted sex offender. On top of that, sometimes a public service announcement (PSA) video starts playing automatically. That PSA features a male actor and a young actress. The actor starts talking about how easy it is to meet young girls online and the young actress talks about wanting to meet older guys online. The video can still be played on the sidebar of the site and you can watch an embedded copy below this article.

Breitenstein should really reserve that for people accused of sex crimes and not people accused of predatory business practices. The two are very different. In prison, there is a reason why predatory business people can survive in general population just fine and predatory sex offenders are smashed, stabbed, or killed. Likewise, anyone caught wrongfully accusing anyone of being a sex offender is treated the same as a sex offender. If Breitenstein ever goes to prison he will learn this.

I tried to post a comment beneath the profile, but when I try to sign up for the site it says that the sign up feature is disabled. People can still "submit an offender" but they can't edit or remove their work. They should be able to do that just for the sake of accuracy as well as just in case they have a change of heart. People should always be able to tell their side of the story without having to pay a fee. That is one thing that separates me from Breitenstein. I always let people delete their own work, post comments free of charge, and when I can come up with ways for people to disprove allegations I let them. Only when those don't work do I offer reputation services.

Eventually my lawsuit was dismissed because I went back to jail on a violation and the person I depended on to help me serve Breitenstein screwed up. As a result, Breitenstein's wife was served with a copy of the lawsuit along with a copy of a summons instead of an original because the person helping me thought it would be easier to just copy an old summons rather than follow my direction to get a new original summons from the court clerk. The person thought they would also "save a few bucks." After that, nobody was able to get to Breitenstein, not even private process servers or sheriff's deputies, because under Ohio law they can't even knock on his door when he has no trespassing signs up. As a result my trademark case was dismissed. Despite that, Breitenstein stopped infringing on my trademarks, so I can't hate him too much. That is all I wanted from him really. Had he just launched a similar service and credited me with the idea I would have probably thanked him for making the government's efforts futile.

Scott Breitenstein is best known as a revenge porn mogul and owner of He was the subject of a Fusion Network documentary in 2016. He had made tens of thousands of dollars charging people to remove naked pictures of themselves posted by others. Usually the pictures were taken without their permission or were the result of video chats with exes. Breitenstein claimed to have a change of heart and to have deleted most if not all of the pornographic images from his sites. A convenient move right when Google claimed to offer a way to remove revenge porn for free and states started passing laws that would have been liabilities for him had he continued. That is another difference between Breitenstein and I, I don't host revenge porn and if I see it I delete it. PSA

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