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Sardi (Sadia Ali) of London

Sardi (Sadia Ali) of London
Sardi (Sadia Ali) of London
Report #: 14567 - 9 Comments
Date Reported: Friday, July 15, 2022
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Impersonation
Specific Location: London
City/Local Area: London
State/Territory: United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Region: Europe

Sardi is Sadia Ali from London. She uses the names Sardiii, Sardii, Saardi, Sardiya, Sadiya and other versions of the same name. Sardi spends her time in many online groups and targets potential targets by sending friendly messages from time to time. Under any circumstances, DO NOT give her any personal information or money. Sardi will tell you sad stories of domestic violence and hardships. She will tell you she is down and out, depressed, sad, and broken BUT these are just ways to gain trust and sympathy. If you give her an inch, she will gradually get very aggressive and try to take as much as she can from you. Blackmail is just another tool. While it's a lifestyle for her to stalk, harass, and blackmail, Sardi will be sure to tell everyone that she is the one being stalked and harassed first. Sardi posts about scams on her Twitter to give the impression she is against scams but that's how she convinced people to invest in her halawa crypto scam. Sardi will slag people to elevate herself so she seems morally superior but that's just another tactic to disguise her own evil. Do not be fooled by any of her tactics, for which there are many.

Sardi is a very broken person plagued by Cluster B disorders. I'm not a psychologist but her actions are textcook. Compassion only goes so far when a person is as evil as she is. For years, Sardi has tried to ruin lives by calling people's homes and work, spread false rumors, and set up endless accounts to stalk and harass to bring others down, . This is a dangerous, reckless, cruel woman who is proud of the carnage she leaves behind. Wrecking lives seems to be the only thing that brings Sardi temporary happiness. I wish Sardi the best but I hope there won't be another victim. Decent people don't deserve to be bothered with this mess.

11/10/2022 -

This is defamation and assassination

Of character . YOU are bullying me by putting my pictures and posting absolute nonsense all over the internet on different sites. We know who this is and in fact you’re the cyber bully who is doing this because You were blocked by myself !

I have not done anything to you , this is all made up.

11/10/2022 -

If these posts are not removed I will be adding your name and details here , I could make a new post about you and list your business and your details but I’m not that way inclined or like to bully people. So delete this !

11/29/2022 -

Unicornstar80, aka Arfan raja stop harassing and bullying me.

His business is called cluster repairs UK and is registered as unicorn automotive in London Uk.

11/29/2022 -

Maybe if you stopped harassing me I wouldn’t need to call your wife and tell her what you are doing . Btw you have three daughters … have some shame .

11/30/2022 -

Arfan Raja , unicornstar80 , cluster repairs UK

12/4/2022 -

Correction - Arfan Ayub

12/19/2022 -

unicornstar80 , cluster repairs UK is Arfan Ayub from Essex.

1/9/2023 -

Also goes by the name ethan kai, Eth kai cluster repairs Uk arfan ayub unicornstar80

5/23/2023 -

I know Sadia Ali or Sardi as she calls herself sometimes and I'm not surprised she got herself in another drama. She is a tacky, no-class trouble maker. The reason why trouble seems to follow her wherever she goes is because Sadia herself starts it but she isn't going to admit this part. According to Sardi, she is constantly being bullied. This is a very toxic, messy, disturbed person. i believe the original poster. Just search for "Sadia Ali+London"on to see what she has been up to.

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