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Seccora Taylor does fraud and catfishing online.

Report #: 5477 - 3 Comments
Date Reported: Thursday, July 9, 2020
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Impersonation
Specific Location: Gardena California
City/Local Area: Los Angeles
State/Territory: California
Region: United States

Please beware of Seccora Taylor also known as Seccora Shanel Taylor, her family mostly resides in Gardena california, mother named Sarah. Seccora has pretended to be many different women online and even pretends to be men online. She even uses the information of people she meets or already knows to commit fraud, cyberstalk/ bully and also send violent people to her victims houses. She puts womens addresses online and puts them in danger as well. I saw another post on here from someone else about her so this is why I am adding to it.

8/3/2023 -

Seccora, and her friend Shawnta Francis Ny and Baltimore. One day,they visited my house.Later, Shawnta came to my home and took poctures for me .she lied toneveryone about her age, pretending to be a young woman when she was actually 49 years old and had a children

I hired someone to find information about her and used someone else information and her name wasnt seccora, When her true age was revealed, she became aggressive, hired some individuals she associated with came to my home to intimidate me. I later discovered that she she had beem lying then she died from covid 2019

8/3/2023 -

Now I’m having my lawyers contact Shawnta Nicole Francis. This Girl stole MONEY and Time. Shawnta Got Money and gifts from me. This secxora lady stole her friend's identity. Her Husband admited to law enforcement that his wife named their daughters “Secora Lee“ and “Hope Lee”Her husband showed us that His wife had fake Identification that was of her friend's information. The real Seccora Taylor is a vision-impaired Lady who was friends with this lady since childhood. The fake Seccora whose real name is really “Markesha Lee” Moved to Baltimore, in 2009. Her husband showed The police Everything

8/13/2023 -

I still habe western uniom slips from Shawnta Francis. I pad for her flight to California. I bought her clothes. She told me Secora Taylor had done things to her. She knew that wasnt her real name. She knew she was 49 Years old. How could she Pretend to be soeone she wasn‘t? How ould they steal someones identity? I met her on Myspace. Its a group of 8 of them. These ladies are dangerous. Beware. Contact me if you know anything to take the the others down.

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