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Stacie Stone Con Artist, Coward and Sociopath

Stacie Stone Con Artist, Coward and Sociopath
Stacie Stone Con Artist, Coward and Sociopath
Report #: 149 - 4 Comments
Date Reported: Thursday, June 23, 2011
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Severe - Cyberterrorism
Primary Weapon: Other
Specific Location: N/A Not specified at moment.
City/Local Area: Dayton / Springfield
State/Territory: Ohio
Region: United States

I've come to report a Sociopathic Ex from Highschool by the name of Stacie Lazane Stone who has admittedly ruined the lives of 9 people and ruined my chance to college years ago. She's a malevolent psychopath with a myriad of negative traits - she is a pathological liar, prejudiced, narcissist, egocentric, haughty, dishonest, corrupt, arrogant, amoral, treacherous, sinister, sadistic, abusive, deceitful, selfish, and tyrannical. She is highly adept at cheating and manipulating people, and is not above insulting or making them as miserable as possible. Even after 11+ years, she is incapable of accepting any level of responsibility for even the smallest of her actions and still harasses & bullies me and possibly others. At one point she kept making s/n's just to seek me out and harass me more with false claims of friendship. So far she's accused me, My friend Mason Mullins and my Brother Todd of rape, Sent false police reports, Made friends of hers send private messages to me on her behalf, and brainwashed several others. She's a petty coward who sits behind a computer desk or a smartphone manipulating and verbally abusing others yet still escapes retaliation. She also shows the tell-tale signs of a Sociopath and A Con-Artist along with her friend Joseph Martin who was secretly spying on me for her then blocked me when I caught him making fake rape rumors and made a sadistic bet with Stacie over my life for a candy bar. Both Stacie and her boyfriend Andy Booth have recently lied their way into getting whatever they want by pretending to be homeless and getting free stuff through Salvation Army.

She's has one criminal charge of Domestic Violence years ago according to Springfield News-Sun Records, She went as far as to smear anything good about me with false and awful rumors. One day I caught her brainwashing one of my friends with fake rape rumors and then got even more Infuriated because I still have in possession my old Diary from high school that I haven't written into for 12-13 years then I started to get even more suspicious when she kept asking me to delete all my our personal e-mails and messages from social networks. (which I didn't since her request didn't make any sense to me.) Why would somebody ask me to remove small things like casual conversations unless they had something to hide? Not to mention her lies kept being Inconsistent and once claimed to have ties with a Serial Killer named Rod Ferrell. I just won't make the Internet safe from people like her...

9/19/2011 -

David, how many times must I tell you? We nevet dated, and you really need to let go. You have been stalking me for over ten years. You know damned well these are lies. You are just mad that I don't love you. Pull this down or I will be forced to press charges.

9/19/2011 -

Further, putting a photo of me up is overkill. You are cyber bullying me. All I want is for you to leave me alone. I haven't talked to you in nearly a year. Not since I had to call the police on you because you told Andy to tell me you were going to kill yourself if I didn't unblock you on facebook. I don't want to talk to you, let alone see you in court, but its coming if you don't stop. Joe and Andy had nothing to do with this. He really was your friend. We aren't going to happen, David. I'm just not into you, and after 10 years, I never will be. Just leave me alone or I am pressing charges

9/19/2011 -

You never blocked me nor had to do any of that, and you know it. You lied. I can't believe you did that. I'm getting a lawyer. Please, hurry up and get these lies pulled like you promised.

9/19/2011 -

I don't have patience. I won't be contacting you again in this matter. Any further statements will be made by my lawyer if I don't see results. At least admit you lied about me stalking you.

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