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Steve Miller of Federated Financial Stalked Ed Magedson

Steve Miller of Federated Financial Stalked Ed Magedson
Steve Miller of Federated Financial Stalked Ed Magedson
Report #: 222 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Wednesday, August 10, 2011
Status: Past Incident
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Investigative Services
Specific Location: Deerfield Beach
City/Local Area: South Florida
State/Territory: Florida
Region: United States

Steve Miller of Federated Financial in Deerfield Beach, Florida admitted to stalking Ed Magedson on the news with multiple unwanted attempts to locate him before posting a $20,000 reward online for information on his whereabouts. The reward was posted after lawyers hired by Miller were unable to locate Magedson in efforts to serve him with legal paperwork after Miller filed a frivolous lawsuit that falsely blamed Magedson for content posted on his website by anonymous users.

These circumstances may cast doubt in peoples eyes as to whether or not Miller is a stalker at all, so to address that issue I'm going to outline the difference between criminal stalking and stalking. Criminal stalking requires someone to do something previously defined as stalking by a criminal statute in an applicable jurisdiction while stalking requires someone to engage in a behavior that fits the definition of the word stalk. The word stalk simply means to pursue or track something like a Cheetah stalking some small game in Africa. The Cheetah is not prohibited by law from stalking its prey, but stalks it none the less. In this case Miller admitted to legally stalking Magedson by hiring investigative services to find him for the purpose of serving him with legal paperwork.

When Ed Magedson was first documented on this site it was to criticize the one sided nature of his website where no one can post a comment about a report. This can make people like Steve Miller become so desperate to tell their side of the story that they can be driven to the point of stalking people who don't help them. In many cases like this one the perpetrator feels that they have been previously bullied or victimized by their victim in some way. Cyberbullying Report for instance lets anyone post the names of people they say are harassing them online anonymously and has already been cyberbullied with multiple legal threats from people claiming to have been falsely accused of bullying or stalking people. Fortunately this site allows people to post rebuttals for free and are encouraged to publish original reports of anyone they know to be abusing our services to bully them.

The similarities between this site and Ripoff Report should be obvious to someone like Steve Miller who is likely find this report because my business partner who built it is a professional SEO, I'm including the name Steve Miller in the title, and naming the screenshot after Steve Miller. It should be interesting to see how Miller responds. Will he cyberbully us with legal threats? Will he file a frivolous lawsuit incapable of impacting the operation of a site registered and hosted in foreign countries? Will he be grateful for the opportunity to post a rebuttal for free? Will he embrace our system and write a Cyberbullying Report about people attacking his business on Ripoff Report?

Hopefully Miller will choose not to bully us or stalk us and make use of our services. We certainly don't want him to create pages about us like or in some desperate hope that we will delete this report over some search engine snippet.

NOTE: This site is not affiliated with Ed Magedson or Ripoff Report in any way. We became ware of Steve Miller after a friend of ours who owns an anonymous publishing service compared himself to Magedson and posted a link to after which I had a good laugh at Magedson's search results.

Steve Miller Stalking on the News

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