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Report #: 6517 - 2 Comments
Date Reported: Monday, May 3, 2021
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Moderate - Public Bullying
Primary Weapon: Videos
Specific Location: Unknown
City/Local Area: Austin
State/Territory: Texas
Region: United States

Mya West AKA PlaymateTessi is one of the most toxic individuals on social media. Her primary platform is Youtube and her content consists of nearly 24/7 live streams where she does nothing but attack anyone that opposes her. She originally gained attention verbally attacking a cancer patient on Omegle by saying cancer is not a real disease. She verbally assaults anyone with a disability or disease and has previously stated that "autistic people need to be put in concentration camps". Her supporters will relentlessly attack anyone in her live chat by way of threats, bullying, and doxing any information they can get their hands on. Youtube is doing nothing to stop her, after we got her main channel taken down, Youtube suddenly decided to give it back to her. On top of everything she is racist, an animal abuser,and extremely delusional. She needs to be stopped otherwise she will continue to attack, bully, and offend anyone that comes in her path.

5/9/2021 -

I am assuming this ”Tessi” is associated with on line ‘Sex” and/or “Adult” chat rooms. Why are you bothering with her at all? Most level headed, decent people don’t get involved with this kind of thing. I am assuming that you are concerned about her behavior because your one of those people that enjoy the kind of services she supplies. Fill your time with normal healthy activities and get your mind out of the gutter. Maybe you need therapy? Don’t like wasting my time trying to get through to someone with your level of mentality. What do you expect from trash like "Tessi"?

6/20/2021 -

Who cares about people like this Tessi? It seems she's some kind of call girl or paid mistress? Talk about scum city. It's possible what she does is illegal? There isn't much difference between a paid Mistress and a Hooker. I never knew anyone that used Hookers or these so called Mistress. I wouldn't waste my energy caring about what someone like this does. She is dirt under most peoples feet. You must have had an involvement with her? Which gives insight as to where your head is? Maybe you need help. Get a life and forget about what she does unless you need her for some sick reason?

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