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Umar al-Basrawi Calls David Letterman a Jew & Wants Him Dead

Umar al-Basrawi Calls David Letterman a Jew & Wants Him Dead
Umar al-Basrawi Calls David Letterman a Jew & Wants Him Dead
Report #: 232 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Wednesday, August 24, 2011
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Moderate - Public Bullying
Primary Weapon: Forums
Specific Location: Unknown Jihad Forum
City/Local Area: Islamabad
State/Territory: Pakistan
Region: West Asia

Umar al-Basrawi posted a comment calling on Muslims in America to kill David Letterman and cut off his tongue. This attempt to incite violence was brought to light by a private company called SITE Intelligence that trolls the web for extremism and noticed it on a jihad forum frequently used by members of Al-Qaeda. According to SITE al-Basrawi specifically asked any able bodied willing person to do the impossible and "cut the tongue of this lowly Jew and shut it forever". His comment was a false statement and a pathetic attempt to get Letterman killed.

David Letterman is not Jewish, anyone who calls him a Jew is a liar and guilty of posting a false statement on the internet. Obviously al-Basrawi wasn't thinking very much when he made that statement. How are you supposed to cut the tongue out of a Jew by cutting off the tongue of someone who isn't Jewish? It is absolutely 100% impossible unless Letterman converts to Judaism.

To show just how pathetic this attempt to get people to cut the tongue out of a Jew who is not Jewish Letterman turned it into a profitable event by making al-Baswari the butt of a joke in his monologue when he informed his audience that they would be used as human shield if he were ever attacked on his show. He then reminded everyone that he gets threats all the time and made a list of people who hate him.

The list of people who hate David Letterman was as follows:

1. Al-Qaeda

2. Sarah Palin

3. Donald Trump

4. Jay Leno

5. NBC

6. CBS

7. The Late Show staff

8. The Late Show crew

9. The Late Show studio audience

10. The Late Show home audience

11. The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

12. Dave's neighbors

13. Dave's mailman

14. Dave's clergyman

15. Canadians

16. The Swiss

17. The Chinese

18. Tony Danza

19. Children

20. Men

21. Women

22. Dogs

23. Cats

24. Squirrels

25. Walruses

Letterman Bashes al-Baswari on TV

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