Social Shield Social Network Monitoring Service for Parents

Social Shield Social Network Monitoring Service for Parents
Price: $10.00 US Dollars
Availability: Online and Over the Phone
Shippable: False
Category: Child Protection
Sub Category: Child Safety Services
Third Category: Child Monitoring
Resource Number: 89
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Local Area: Portland
Region: Oregon
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SocialShield is an online service built to help parents monitor their children's social networking activities mainly Facebook. It utilizes an automated program that stores a record of all their activity and scans it for keywords indicative of trouble (ex: sex, drugs, suicide, etc.) before alerting you about it. It also does background checks of people friended on social networks for criminal histories by cross referencing their names against over 50 databases including sex offender registries before alerting you if they spot a problem.

In addition to helping you spy on your kid's social networking activities SocialShield also helps with reputation management by scanning the web for photos that may include them. Then it will alert you so that you can take action for removal before anyone copies the pictures and posts them elsewhere.

Learn more by visiting the SocialShield website linked to above.
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